Saturday, March 20, 2004

First Day of Spring?

Feels more like the first day of Summer to me. Originally, the high today was supposed to be 75. It has to be at least 80-85 out there today. I worked this morning. My face and arms got cooked. Went over to cut the grass for Dad a little while ago. Something about the nice weather just energizes me.

Last night, shot a little pool, ate at Applebees. It was like deja vu, because it seemed like I had done that exact same thing at least once before in my life. What? Many of our favorites were working... Holly, Jade, Donna, Charity, Tonya, and Davina, who now has a new nickname ("Hot Davina") thanks to me :-P

H: "Ya'll are like two kids. That's stuff that kids order."
K: "Yeah. So?"
H: "When are ya'll gonna turn into men?"
K and J look at each other confusedly.
J: "Oh, don't hold your breath." lol

Went to the mall for a bit. Ran into Misty and her husband. I can't remember his name right now. Bought a short-sleeved shirt. Kyle's "woman" wasn't working. I really think she got fired. Went by Clearwave after we ate, and I was about to fall asleep on the couch there. Got home about midnight, I think. Thinking of going up to Nashville today. I dunno. We'll see.

Thinking about going to Nashville today. I dunno. We'll see. I gotta get cleaned up.

Oh! Big news! No, not another meat and milk factory. But I saw a guy who runs a local tire store here this morning at the thing, and he looked at my truck and said he would sell me a set of tires at his cost. So looks like the fun days of airing up the left rear tire every three days could be nearing an end. He's supposed to call me sometime next week. It was good while it lasted... or not. I'll have to look back at my blog and see when the first time was I went and aired up my tire. Little things like that just make life a little more interesting.

Wow, my bracket is gettin' busted up pretty good. Florida's gone. I had them in the Final 8. Gonzaga is down 8 in the second half. I have them in the final 8, too. Bama plays #1 Stanford around 4:30 I think. That'll be a tough game.

"Sitting with your friends as ya'll reminisce about the days growin' up and the first person you kissed. And as I think back, makes me wonder how the smell from a grill could spark up nostalgia..."

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