Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yo Adrian, we did it (2006 in retrospect)

Composing a decent year-end post is difficult when you have trouble remembering what happened in November, much less January. I can, however, recall some of what happened this weekend. So let's start there.

I saw Rocky Balboa (aka Rocky VI) Friday night. I really liked it, not surprisingly. When he drank the glass of raw eggs, I immediately felt a bond between the movie and my blog.

Then at the end of the movie, a strange calm came over me. It was as if, for just a few fleeting seconds, there was harmony amongst all living things. And suddenly this crazy world made sense. There was nothing too shocking or different about it. But that's what made it nice.

Think of it as if it were a Coke. Rocky I was like the first time I ever tasted a delicious Coca-Cola. I wanted another. And so I had Rocky II. And by the time I had finished Rocky III, I couldn't get enough.

Rocky V, meanwhile, was like New Coke. Why change something that works? It didn't work. And left a bad taste in the mouths of Rocky fans everywhere for the past sixteen years. But in Rocky VI, they went back to the old formula. Classic Coke... or, Rocky. I feel it is a perfect ending to the sextrilogy, or six pack, whichever you prefer.

I spent New Year's Eve in Huntsville, eating Thai food for the first time in my life, at a place called Phuket.

And according to unconfirmed eyewitness reports, sometime in the wee hours of the morning on January 1st, a blogger resembling me was heard humming "Hail To The Victors" while marching back and forth in his friend's girlfriend's living room, shortly after pulling the answers "Ann Jillian" and "Beirut" out of his tail on consecutive questions, thus securing his come from behind victory in 80's Trivial Pursuit.

Since I can't seem to remember much of what happened this past year, here's a look back at the year in blog. This is purely for my benefit. For my posterity, should they ever exist. But I encourage you to browse at your leisure:

1. Word Verification (When Blogger, a moment of comic genius, and a beer commercial collided to create the perfect storm.)
2. That flash before your eyes thing (AKA The time I almost died.)
3. Bad week gone good? (Which includes my seemingly annual trip to a George Strait concert.)
4. When I grow up (My unwitting motivational post, originally intended for myself.)
5. My inner hairy man (Which became my outer hairy man, as I decided to grow facial hair for the first time since the Great Goatee Disaster of 1998.)
6. Be a sweetie... (Here I unveil one of the great secrets of male behavior: Why we sometimes pee on the toilet seat.)
7. The Ex-Files: Rachel (I began a fun, new feature on the blog, writing about ex-girlfriends.)
8. 59:59 (I ran my first 10K. AKA The time I almost died again.)
9. Betta Talk (My fish, Pablo, answered your questions, with help from me, of course. He has trouble pressing the spacebar.)
10. Back from the edge of the Earth (Recapping my mostly annual trip to the coast. Where I was once again reminded that my Age-dar is out of commission. And where I bungee jumped for the first time in my life. AKA The third time this year I almost died.)
11. I don't care if I never get back (Axl and I go to a Reds/Braves game.)
12. Day Two: Natchez Trace (My solo trip up the Natchez Trace, where I snapped the sweet bridge picture which adorns the top of my blog. This also included my overnight stay at the Belmont Hotel. I went to Graceland this year, too, but apparently didn't write about it.)
13. The hurt (As always, all was not sunshine and rainbows.)
14. Oh, Phalanx (I may or may not have broken my pinky toe.)
15. Capote (I write about reading my first Capote book. Later in the year, I watched the movie.)
16. Last remaining single cousin (I attended the wedding of my last remaining single cousin in Atlanta.)
17. Rope, sweet, dawn (Three Word Wednesday had its rather inconspicuous beginnings. On a Thursday, no less.)
18. The changing face of Bone (After many years of only wearing contacts, I got glasses.)
19. Micah's Lullaby (I found out about Baby "Micah." Who I'm most happy to say is out of the hospital and has found a loving home.)
20. Civic duty (I was chosen to keep a Nielsen TV Diary.)
21. The time I almost met John Stamos (My brush with fame was part of the first ever 80's Week on IYROOBTY. I also caught everyone up on the New Kids On The Block.)
22. Home is...where? (I found out Dad had sold the last house we had lived in before I moved out on my own.)
23. Festivus 2006 Recap (And of course, I held my 2nd Annual Festivus Party.)
24. Introduction (I gave her a name: Lily)
25. Sometimes (And this is all still true.)

I want to wish you all a happy, safe, and prosperous 2007. May the sunny days outnumber the rainy ones. And may we all cherish each and every precious moment.

"I guess it's been a good year for roses and aggressions. For flowers and freeways. And I guess I'll put a smile on, and get a new girlfriend. Yeah, put a new hat on..."


  1. 25 top posts? I couldn't even think of five--mine--not yours

    Do think that you're getting better and better, funnier and you're writing is tighter.

    Or I just read you too much :)

    I loved the Pablo one, the Natchez Trail and pretty much every one on the list

    Glad that you maintained your dignity at your friend's girlfriend apartment while celebrating and savoring your victory

  2. You're openly admitting that you knew the answer to something was "Ann Jillian"?
    You are much more manly than most of the men I know, Mr. Bone.

    Here's hoping your next trivia win is brought about with a more masculine answer . . .like The Village People or Cher.

    As for your year in review, I should find it sad that I don't have to click on any of those links. I remember all those posts. Much like Pia, I'm starting to think I read you too much.

    Happy New Year, Bone!
    I hope it brings you much happiness and many more posts.

  3. I feel it is a perfect ending to the sextrilogy, or six pack, whichever you prefer. Taken out of context, it sounds a bit dirty...

    I'm looking forward to reading all the top 25 of the year. Maybe some year I'll be able to have... oh a top five or something. ;) Of course, if I stop blogging, that'll never happen.

    LMAO @ Elizabeth's "with a more masculine answer... like The Village People or Cher."

  4. Happy New Year, Bone.
    My blog still exists.

    I am proud to say that just reading the titles of many of those posts, I remember exactly what they are. :]

  5. Thai food is the greatest! Did you like it?

  6. I have to tell you... you kill me. I totally was just going to read one or two... and I read them ALL! Damn you! Why is your writing so dang addicting?!?!?!

    I laughed so hard I almost cried at "Betta Talk" and frantically searched my iPod for my favorite Tim McGraw song EVER while reading "the Ex-files" only to find it's not on there... horrors.

    Honestly, I think I have to stop reading your blog. It's just not healthy for me!

  7. I'm sending the next blizzard your way...I'm sick of them. This snow will never melt! I don't know who dreamed of a white Christmas, but I wanna wring their neck. okay, done venting about the snow.

    I can't tell when I became a "Fan of Bone" by those posts...but I'm glad I was here for most of them.

  8. Pia: You probably just read me too much :) But thank you.

    They weren't so much top posts, but I thought they provided a decent recap of my year.

    Elizabeth: Actually, the others had already begun to move on to the next player when I was read the Ann Jillian question, because they thought there was no way I would guess it. Oh the looks on their faces.... priceless. There are some things money can't buy :)

    Happy new year.

    Blondie: Yes, I noticed you went back to the old blog. Good to have you back. Happy new year!

    Lindsy: It was very tasty. I had some sort of coconut soup appetizer, then Panang Beef something for my entree. And, of course, I sampled something off everyone else's plate. Although I was a tad disappointed they weren't playing One Night In Bangkok over the restaurant speakers.

    Traveling Chica: Ooo, that is a good one. That's old school Tim, off the Not A Moment Too Soon album.

    I'm glad I could provide you with a way to while away the hours.

    Renee: I have no idea who dreamed of a White Christmas O:)

    Ms. Sizzle: Happy new year to you, too!

  9. Great recap Bone. I have two favorites of yours - which are . . . 1) your letter to Mamaw (seriously and deeply emotional - just beautiful and then 2) for funny out loud laughing - the one about etiquette of public restroom use for men.


  10. Mmm Thai food! Was there any reports of nakedness by this person resembling you??? Hope you had fun. I did. Updates on my antics to be blogged about shortly. HNY!!

  11. 30 something years on this earth and you just had Thai for the first time this weekend?!

  12. #10 on that album to be exact... I'm just horrified that I have yet to upload it to my iPod!

    Btw, I think you missed the point. See, I had work to do this afternoon. Things I was supposed to get done. And instead, I spent my time reading all your old posts.

    I'd say I would start boycotting, but we both know I'd be lying. ;)

  13. East of Oregon: Thanks! That's very nice of you to remember specific posts :)

    Carnealian: No, there was no nakedness... this time.

    Lizzie: Yes, that would be an accurate statement. And I've still never had avocado.

    Traveling Chica: I'm sitting here looking at that CD as we speak, in a stack of about 25 that I'm putting on my iPod.

    Yes, we know that would be a lie, so let's not just say things we both know are obvious fabrications ;-)

  14. They're all fantastic posts. Like Lays, you can't eat, er, read, just one!

  15. I'm in awe. You ran a 10k and I can barely make it through 45minutes of spinning.

  16. Word verification and wine: Stifling my comments.

  17. When people around me told me they liked Rocky Balboa, I shook my head in disbelief, but since you said it was a fantastic movie, it must be true.

    Seriously, it's that good? Sixty must be the new twenty.

    Happy New Years to you and your family, and when I have time, I will be stopping back to read what I have missed.

  18. A friend gave me the 80s Trivial Pursuit game for Christmas! Now I know 2 of the answers! (Not that I wouldn't kick butt on it anyway). I just need to find people to play the game with me.

    And do I want to know why the raw eggs reminded you of your blog?

    Happy new year!

  19. See, that's not fair. That CD is somewhere at my parents' house, a place I hope I won't be visiting for awhile. And I really want to hear that song now. Look what you did. Just look.

    Blah blah blah, I already said I wouldn't say it because it would be a lie. Sheesh! Just HAVE to rub it in, don't you? ;-)

  20. Lass: Aww, thanks Lass. And Happy Anniversary.

    Lux: Ah, yes, but you probably spin more than once a year :)

    Mist 1: It must be the word ver. I've never heard of anyone not being able to comment because of wine :) Thanks for stopping by.

    Zeus: Well, I would stop short of calling it a cinematic masterpiece. But it's a perfect finale to the series.

    Happy new year to you and yours.

    Carmen: Have you seen Rocky? He drinks raw eggs during training. I didn't expect him to do it again during Rocky VI, but he did. And that's what I had titled my post about the movie.

    Traveling Chica: You hope you won't be visiting? Maybe they could email it to you :)


    Honestly, if you only had a small clue how funny that is to me.

    Bone, my parents can barely - after much practice following the written directions I left them years ago - turn the computer on. 'Nuff said.

    And no, I hope I won't be visiting soon: I was there wayyyyyyyyyyy too often in December.

  22. Traveling Chica: Well, I wasn't sure. My Dad can email some, but I'm not sure he'd know how to email a song.