Wednesday, January 03, 2007

3 Word Wednesday XVII

Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. This is a writing exercise. It doesn't have to be perfect. The idea is to let your mind wander and write what it will. I'll also attempt to write something using the same three words.

Be sure to leave a comment if you participate.

This week's words are:

Paul awakened to the sound of his girlfriend's voice and a not so gentle nudge in the back.

"Get out of bed! We're gonna be late."

"Stop kicking me," he said, irritated and sleepy. Then he pulled the covers completely over his head, hoping it would go away.

It didn't.

"You promised me we'd go to the bridal fair today."

It's so easy to say yes to things that are a month or more away, never thinking about the consequences of one's words.

"It doesn't start until Noon."

"I want to be there early."

He started to ask why, then realized it didn't matter. He uncovered his head and saw Holly, already dressed and made up, busily scurrying about the room. She tossed some clothes on the bed.

"Here, wear these." Usually, he secretly liked it when she picked out what he would wear. But not this time.

"Why can't I wear jeans?" Paul pleaded.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes. If I'm going, I'm wearing jeans."

"Fine!" Although she didn't throw her arms up in frustration, that was her tone as she left the room. Paul was secretly pleased at his minor triumph.

After he showered, he sat on the bed and began to put on his socks, just as Holly returned.

"You are not wearing those!" she proclaimed, emphasis on not.

"Why not?"

"Because of this!" She snatched the sock from Paul's grasp, and pointed to a rather large hole in the heel.

"So? No one's gonna see them. It's not like I'm trying on tuxes today... am I?"

"No! Unfortunately, that doesn't happen until after I get a ring."

Zing, he thought to himself.

Searching thru the drawer, he found a pair with a good heel and only a couple of small holes in the toes. His phone went off. A text message.

"Who's that?" Holly asked from across the room, before he could even check to see.

"Umm... it's Lisa." Lisa was Paul's secretary. And it just so happens that before they worked together, they had dated for a couple of months. Many years ago in a land far, far away. Still, it was a fact that wasn't lost on Holly.

"Oh what a surprise."

"You are the sarcasm queen, baby."

As Paul dressed, he pictured himself and hundreds of other boyfriends/fiances being led around like drones for six hours at the bridal fair.

As he picked up his belt, he wondered for a split second if one really could fashion a belt into a noose.

"Somebody told me, boy, everything she wants is everything she sees..."


  1. Come on, "noose" right after Saddam? You're bad!

  2. "Boy that secretary sure was hot."

    At least that's what Daniel was thinking, when what he really needed to have his mind on was the upcoming interview. She had stuffed him in a small, un-air conditioned room, without windows to await the H.R. director. It wasn't bad enough that he had immediately started to perspire upon entering the building, now it felt like he was suffocate from lack of air. The cheap, faux-silk tie felt like a noose around his neck, choking him to death.

    "Alright, alright. Need to focus. I've been in the biz for five years, and have amounted a wealth of experience in that short period of time."

    Now his mind was back on track. It was easy to come off the rails with that honey working up front. The way she sauntered away to get el presidente was like something out of a cheap, dime-store novel. It all began with the high heels. They had to be a foot tall if an inch.

    "Hi, I'm Laura. I'll be conducting the first part in a battery of interviews today."

    "Holy crap," Daniel's mind was racing. She looked like the secretary's doppelganger. "What is this, some sort of Amazonian ranch?"

    He reached out to shake her hand, hoping it wouldn't be sopping with sweat.

    "Daniel I am... I mean I'm Daniel, it's nice to meet you."

    This was going to be a long day.

  3. So, I'm not complaining, as the name is 3 word Wednesday, but you always say you will post three or more words and you always post three. I'm curious... why?

  4. Women! What he was thinking about the noose is probably what she was thinking about a leash. :)

    Ohhh . . .and WHAM!!

  5. I'm trying to decide if he's really brave or really stupid. They weren't engaged and she got him to agree to go to a bridal show?!?! Riggggggggggggght.

    I was very intrigued by this story... not what I was expecting to be honest. Guess all men feel like marriage is a noose around their necks. ;)

  6. Feel as if I have gotten to know you a whole lot better since the dating test, and from your stories

    I'm probably one of the few people who can understand going to a bridal fair before the official engagement

    Don't think that it's only men who feel like relationships could be a noose

    Think I picked the fiction from the non-fiction.

    Liked the dialogue very much

    Buttons Bone, buttons for three word Wednesday--will embarrass the false messiah forever until it's done

  7. All your stories are about relationships lately. What's up with that?

    I agree with Chica. No ring and she got him to go to the fair? Not likely. This couple sounds like they are headed for a break up.

    Then again I have no idea how relationships progress maybe the fair comes before the ring.

  8. Ring or not, I DOUBT hunny would go to a bridal fair. "You have friends for that!" What is up with the relationship stuff?

  9. Sage: Well, we like to remain up on current events here on the blog.

    Actually, I don't choose the three words. I don't even write my own jokes :)

    Big Man: Good job. Maybe doppelganger will be one of the three words one week.

    Heels get me almost everytime.

    Elizabeth: Wow. That's a good thought.

    Chica: Well, I like to leave my options open. A few of the writing exercises I did (not on the blog) were four and five words.

    No, we don't all feel like marriage is a noose. But some relationships can get to that point.

    Pia: Good to know women can feel like that, too. So what parts did you think were non-fiction? :)

    I know, I know. Anyone know how to create a "3 Word Wednesday" button?

    Hotpink and Arlene: How are all my stories about relationships? Last week, I wrote a story where I was nine-years-old. And the week before that, I wrote a poem.

  10. ok you have to give me a day or so but I am playing too! I came here by way of Mayden btw! Great idea for a post!

  11. I thought it was great. I enjoyed feeling as though I could understand both point of views. Fabulous, as always.

    And, since everyone seems to feel you've been writing nothing but relationship stuff, lately... I'll help them remember.

    Last week's 3WW:
    You wrote about being 9.

    The week before:
    A poem about time.


  12. Okay, here's a short piece:

    "My neck twisted around, like Saddam's in a noose, as I took a second look at the secretary in heels."

    That should get me the prize for the worst (or at least the tasteless) analogy.

  13. i kind of went "ugh" when she made the ring comment. i mean, should you even be getting married or at the very least, attending bridal faires (gag) if you haven't gone so far as to get a ring? isn't it all just talk at that stage then? (keep in mind this is coming from a never engaged woman.)

    i liked it!

  14. Kate: Thanks for stopping by!

    Blondie: Thanks, dear. Yeah, I don't know where that came from. I guess it's easy to lose track of time when you're reading my blog :)

    Sage: Boy, you're really hanging in there with that Saddam stuff, aren't ya?

    Ms. Sizzle: It was a bit different, but of course, there are all types of relationships. Thanks, Sizz.

  15. So... where exactly do you get the words, then? Dawn picks them? Or what?

    I don't how to make a button, but maybe you could get in touch with the woman who made the one for Sizzle's Blog Crush Day?

    Btw, I liked it too, I just found the part with the no ring/bridal show interesting. To say the least.

  16. I have never played.... I need to do that sometime.

    sorry *with alligator tears welling up in my eyes*

  17. Out of all the bridal fairs I went to, I was only able to talk DH (then DF WITH A RING) into one of them... he was highly bored out of his mind with most of it except for the music during the fashion show. We then had to rush right out and buy the CD with that song on it.
    We signed up for a bunch of prizes and won nothing. I went to 3 of those stupid fairs and didn't win anything but a bunch of folks bugging me to buy stuff.

    Tammy took the job as a receptionist/secretary for her boss because she thought it would help her to get a better job fact her boss hinted that she would get a recommendation for a better job, but it seemd like that was highly unlikely at this point.
    Tammy was way over qualified for this job...answering phones and filing messages mostly. In fact most days her job felt like a noose around her neck or a leash. She was expected to sit up like a dog whenever her boss beckoned. It was so beneath her.
    To make matters worse, Tammy was trying to shed a few pounds and her boss had made her go pick up her breakfast of baccon & eggs with coffee. The smell was carrying all over the office making her very hungry and the snack machine was just down the hall. But walking to the snack machine would mean showing off her newly destroyed heels...they got caught in a crack in the street as she was running back to the office with her boss's breakfast.

    Does this sound too much like another story? I had a craving for baccon when I wrote it.

  18. I guess I missed the last two Wednesdays. . . Sorry.

  19. Chica: Yes, I have a word source. Good, it was supposed to be interesting :)

    Kerry: Yeah, you should play one week. I like seeing what everyone comes up with.

    Renee: I can't imagine why he would have been bored :)

    Yeah, those hints of future promotions never seem to work out.

    Hotpinksox: Yeah, I got to thinking about that after I read your comment. You've been away for awhile, so the last time you were here, I probably was writing about a relationship :)

  20. Oh no, that's not acceptable as an answer. You don't just say "I have a source" and stop there.

    Cuz if you do, I'll stop playing.


    (As if that threat is really going to get you to divulge any more information than you want to.)

  21. My secretary got her heel caught in the noose, which probably saved my life?

  22. TC: You're not allowed to stop playing :)

    Moogirl: Hmm, that makes one wonder about the particulars of this situation. Thanks for stopping by.