Sunday, October 08, 2006

Micah's Lullaby

Baby "Micah" was well over a month premature. She doesn't have parents. She doesn't even have a name. The woman who bore her took one look at Micah's physical deformities and told the doctor that wasn't her baby. When she left the hospital, she left Micah behind. Please remember Micah and those like her. Who will fight for the children? Who will help those who cannot help themselves?

I wrote this for Micah. May she grow to laugh and sing.

Baby Micah lies alone in a hospital bed
No one to sing her lullabies or caress her tiny head
And she has no idea of the things she'll face
She got here much too early, but I hope God lets her stay

Baby Micah may never know her mom or dad
But I pray she'll have love more than anyone ever had
I wonder why some kids have it so hard
Maybe she's an angel who fell down from the stars

Breathe, angel, breathe
And you will see the morrow
I'd give all I have to keep you
From all pain and sorrow

Breathe, angel, breathe
And you will be just fine
Thank you for reminding me
Life's one breath at a time


  1. Beautiful Bone-- especially the last two paragraphs

    Always think how lucky I was because I seemed so "perfect" as a baby, and therefore the agency "allowed me to be put up" for adoption

    So abandoned babies have a special place in my heart

  2. So how can we find out more about Michah? I want to keep up with the story, since you touched my heart with it. :)

  3. I'm with Carmen. I'm not going to be happy until I hear the end of the story.

  4. That's so sad. Do you have a news link to the story or something?

  5. a`touching poem and story, good job!

  6. Pia: Thanks. They now have a special place in mine, too.

    Carmen and Traveling Chica: I will try to post updates. She touched my heart, too. Honestly, her chances aren't great. But they get better with each passing day.

    Lass: No, it's nothing you'll read about in the news. And unfortunately, there are probably thousands of similar cases.

    Sage: Thanks. It's the story that's touching. It tells itself.

  7. Your poem stayed with me--was going to ask for updates but see that I have been beaten to it

    Do realize how lucky I was. Could have been easily sent to live with foster families all my childhood if the agency hadn't deemed me easily adoptable--had almost no hair until I was a year old, but they could tell i would be blonde--and passed all the motor skill and other cognitive tests given a three month old

    If the motor skill and other problems I did have later showed up then would have been a throw away

    Too many babies are now. People only want white babies with no problems--and crack and stuff is in a baby's blood--types them even if they have no problems

    Sorry for the length. You hit on my beginnings--alt version

  8. Bone,
    That was amazing.....brought me to tears as you sometimes do....thank you for sharing the story and the Lullaby.

  9. Pia: Makes me realize I have a lot to be thankful for, too. Whatever we're born into, it's none of our own doing.

    RedNeckGirl: Thanks, RNG.