Tuesday, January 30, 2007

24 Recap: 1/29/07

Well, this wasn't my favorite episode. It's what I like to refer to as a bridging episode. Sort of getting us from the shocking twist of last week and building towards what looks to be a drama-filled episode next week.

Recapping 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM...
Graem (corrected spelling, according to the show opening tonight) pretends to confess all to keep Jack from ripping out his fingernails and toenails and making a necklace out of them. He says they got involved unknowingly with the nukes, and now are just trying to cover their tracks. He tells Jack their father went to see some guy named Darren McCarthy. Jack unties Graem (that's gonna be trouble) and they head for McCarthy's office.

At CTU, Nadia has been "flagged" because she is of middle eastern descent, and she complains to Bill. He says he's doing what he can and makes a call to Karen asking her to talk to the President.

Morris and Milo want to know what's going on, because it's taking Nadia so long to complete her tasks. (Apparently, if you're thought to have terrorist connections, they give you a really crappy computer with like a 1GHz Intel Celeron processor and very little RAM.) Bill finally tells Milo what's going on, and Milo logs Nadia in under his ID.

Out at Detainee Central, Walid steals a cell phone from one of the detainees. The FBI agent then has Chloe track all calls that have been made from the phone. She says there doesn't appear to be any connection with Fayed. Meanwhile, the detainee discovers his cell phone missing, and they beat Walid to a pulp, playground-style. I still don't think Walid lives to see suppertime.

Meanwhile, back in DC, Tom asks for Karen's resignation, "within the hour." (I love how everything on this show is "within the hour.") His smug little sidekick gets enough people to agree to testify against Karen, and say that she mishandled a case involving Bill Buchanan, who apparently sometime between last season and this season became her husband. When confronted with this, Karen resigns.

At first, I thought she might be leaving the show. Then I remembered, no one resigns from 24. There's only one way off this show. It's like the Hotel California, babee! So Karen asks the President to be reassigned to CTU.

Once they reach McCarthy's office, Jack chains Graem to a pole and goes to look for McCarthy. (At some point, we learn McCarthy is the guy driving around in the Maserati who Fayed keeps calling.) Someone attacks Jack from behind and puts a gun to his head. Jack's father shows up and tells one of the other men to go get Graem.

Just as Jack is about to call CTU, Graem turns on his father and commands the men to take Jack and his father into custody and "take care of them." And by take care, I don't think he means set up a nice 401K plan for them.

They're led outside where they see that Graem's men have killed a CTU field team Jack had called in for backup. Jack's father is stunned, and says, "My God, Graem, what have you done?"

The good:
Any and all scenes involving Jack, his brother, and his father. And Jack's father not knowing the depth of Graem's involvement in everything.

Milo sticking up for Nadia. And everyone at CTU pulling together. I hope there's no "mole" at CTU this year. Been there, done that.

Karen transferring to CTU. The Karen & Tom faceoffs were getting old.

The bad:
Sandra Palmer. Seriously, she's so irritating. She's like the Paula Abdul of 24. She'll be a permanent fixture in this section until she meets an unfortunate demise.

Very little Chloe. We need more Chloe. I need more Chloe!

Not letting us see Graem's men shoot the CTU field team. All we see is the aftermath, SUV's with bullet holes in the windows. What, is 24 going G-rated on us?

Best scene:
After Jack is jumped in McCarthy's office and some guy has a gun to his head:
"You know him?"
"Yeah. He's my son."

But this scene would have been so much better had they not shown it in the previews at the end of last week's episode!

Did you know:
Apparently, being a registered Republican is not enough to keep you from being "flagged" for possible terrorist activity.

Did you know II:
Rena Sofer, who plays Graem's wife, Marilyn, has also been on Seinfeld, General Hospital, and Saved By The Bell. That means she's been on four of my favorite shows of all-time. That's gotta mean something. But what?

Where is Audrey? According to information I found when I googled her, she will first appear in the 6:00 PM hour. And now that I've posted that, she'll probably turn up next week.

Do we even have a Vice President?

Where is the guard who helped the prisoner escape from the bus a couple of weeks ago?

Chloe finds the detainee had pulled up a terrorist website on his cell phone and somehow that leads her to think he's not involved with Fayed?

I miss:
Former first lady Martha Logan.

"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality. Open your eyes. Look up to the skies and see..."


  1. I'm so glad I wasn't the only person who found this week's episode a little lackluster!
    And I think I have decided to stop watching the previews for next week. I think this episode would have been a LOT more exciting if I didn't already know HALF of what was going to happen.

    The Milo/Nadia incident was in my top two favorite things about the episode.
    My other was Karen guilting the president into not listening to Tom the Radicalist. "You have always been your own best counsel . . . I KNOW you'll do the right thing." Even good women know how to manipulate a situation.

    BUT she shouldn't have resigned. Yeah yeah yeah . . .love . . .protect her husband . . .protect the president. But for the love of Pete I hate that Tom "won" that little skirmish. Ugh.

  2. Considering I was lost through about 75% of the show last night, this helped a lot. And yes, I hate telling you that because you're already obsessed with the show. ;)

    A couple more questions though, for your Majesty, Sir Bone of 24... who is Sandra?!?! (And btw, Chloe?? Wasn't a fan of her... Nadia's much cuter.)

    I have to say, from what I'd read before, I was kind of surprised by the lack of Jack in the show... he wasn't the main focus that's for sure!

    And by take care, I don't think he means set up a nice 401K plan for them. Haha... that's hilarious. But I agree with you... I really hated that part, knowing that little weasel (what? just cuz I've only seen one episode doesn't mean I can't like/hate characters immediately!) got a jump on all those people really annoyed me.

  3. Rena Sofer being on four of your favorite shows means something, but truthfully am not sure what. Will get back to you on that :) And she will always be Lois to me

    If you watched Boston Legal two weeks ago--on tonight--you would have seen a rabid Republican--William Shatner's character being a suspected terrorist and on the no fly list because his name happens to be Denny Crane. He brought Homeland Security up on charges, and still remained a rabid Republican

    I don't do recaps as well as you, especially when fitting them into one paragraph

  4. Ugh. Sorry for commenting twice. I would offer to let you punish me, but that could be completely taken the wrong way. We'll just let karma dole out justice to me, as I'm sure it will.

    Your recap was infinitely more exciting than last night's show and definitely more humorous. This:

    Apparently, being a registered Republican is not enough to keep you from being "flagged" for possible terrorist activity.

    Had me laughing far longer than it should have. Not to mention the Rena paragraph! (Pia's right . . .there's some meaning there)

    Maybe from now on I'll forgo the entire show and just read your recaps!

  5. "Bridging" huh? Heroes was awesome last night. Darn kids kept interrupting though. Wanting to be tucked in or somesuch thing like that.

  6. Elizabeth: I agree about the next week's previews. Although they definitely entice me to watch, they reveal a bit too much.

    I also thought Karen resigned a little too easily. I mean, the President obviously respects her.

    TC: Sandra is the President's sister. She's the one who keeps saying, "Get Walid out of there now."

    Your reaction to Chloe is typical of a 24 newbie. But if you watch the show awhile, you'll start to like her. She's stood by Jack and helped him time and again, even when it meant putting her job at risk.

    I hate that this was your first episode. It was probably the least exciting of the season thusfar.

    Pia: The Quartermaine clan is really dwindling, what with Ned and Lois gone, AJ dead, and now Alan is supposed to die next month.

    I'll watch your show if you watch mine :)

    Lass: What were they thinking? Don't they know Mom's trying to watch TV :)

  7. Apparently Republicans are on the list too to make the Democrats happy. LOL! I don't know.

    Not into 24.

    I watched the re-broadcast of Apprentice last night. I'm so getting sick of that show though. All they do is bicker and fight and backstab. So glad that "Miss OneIdea" Marissa got canned though. Apparently she's never watched the show before to know that if you want the job you don't dare interupt "The Donald" especially if he's sticking up for you. LOL!

  8. Thanks for the Sandra clarification: and you did have to make the Walid comment, cuz telling me she was the President's sister didn't do me any good.

    I hate that this was your first episode. First episode, Bone? You say that like there are going to be more...

  9. I look forward to Graem (weird spelling- but I saw it too!) getting his reward...hehehe-evil laugh...(Who knew I could be so wicked?)
    I disagree with Karen on some points, and I disagree with Tom in some matters too...I thought that if Karen had just told the truth- Tom would have been dismissed. Problem solved...nobody ever does what they teach you in Sunday School! :)

    Now Graem was the guy that almost led President Logan to commit suicide, right? Ugh- I need to go back and re-watch that episode. I think I've forgotten something.

    I felt bad for Walieed (that how the sis says it!)- I mean, how was he supposed to return the phone?
    "Ummm- my brother, my brother...you dropped this!"
    Ugh...I hope he doesn't die.

    Rena- was she the one with the "Man hands"? LOL- I can't remember that either. I'm getting old Bone :)

    I look forward to Monday nights- and Tuesdays here :)

  10. bone, I don't watch 24, so I have no idea what you are talking about, but I just wanted to say...

    Congrats for getting TC to actually watch current tv shows! :)

    (just teasing TC, you know I love ya)

    Seriously, though... bravo.

  11. Renee: I only watched a couple of episodes of The Apprentice. I think it was the first season. Whatever season Omarosa was on. Ugh. That was enough.

    You're welcome to join the 24-ites :)

    TC: Sigh. Well, OK. You did what you said. You watched it once. I just wish it had been a better episode that maybe would have gotten you hooked :)

    Cora: Yes, I think Graem is working with the people who were controlling Logan last season. Good observation :) I'm not sure how Walid expected to return the phone. He should have just thrown it on the ground somewhere and acted like the other guy had dropped it.

    Rena played a New Yorker who worked for the department of tourism or something and mistook George for a tourist. It wasn't a very famous episode.

    See you next Tuesday :)

    DCChick: Yeah, that actually ranks fairly high on my list of accomplishments :) By the way, how are things over in the ladies room?

  12. I was not impressed with this week's show either. I was even on the computer at one point as I started to lose interest. However, I am very much looking forward to seeing Graem getting the asskicking that he deserves next week. Sweeeeet.

    Ok, so you mourn football with me, watch 24 and General Hospital, and quote Queen. Since I can't have your babies, I'm forced to blogroll you.

  13. I must agree, not a nail- biter this week, although I missed the first half. Thanks for the recap, now I'm fully up to speed!

    I will not miss one second of American Idol tonight! I'm already in front of the tv with Fox on the tube! I cannot wait to see that giant lady in the yellow outfit get squashed by Simon!

  14. Hmmm...we don't knows any of the beans yur talkin' about...but we read yur comment on Zeus's blog - we hopes you get a Valentine's card this year!

  15. the ladies room is fine... have you been recently??? I'm sure someone saved you a spot!

  16. Congrats for getting TC to actually watch current tv shows! :)

    (just teasing TC, you know I love ya)

    Seriously, though... bravo.

    HEY NOW!

    And that's high on your list of accomplishments, Bone?! We need to work on that. :P

    If it was really that bad of an episode, I'll CONSIDER giving it one more shot.

  17. Brookelina: Since I can't have your babies, I'm forced to blogroll you.

    LOL I guess that's the next best thing.

    Carnealian: Hey, I actually caught a few minutes of that. I saw the yellow feathered lady and the girl with her hair to the floor.

    Kimo & Sabi: Well, thank you both. And thanks for stopping by.

    Actonbell: Indeed :) It's pretty difficult to put lyrics with the 24 recaps.

    DCChick: Yes, I've been. I'm in there way too often. I can't believe I haven't bumped into you yet.

    TC: It was the least exciting of the season, in my opinion. You didn't really say what you thought about it.

    Come on. I can handle it.

  18. . . . and I missed it again. Still have yet to see it. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express. Not really.

    Here's why 24 is missed me as a viewer tonite.. memo, legal memo. What I cried about and agonized about and fretted about for a month or more last semester because it took me that long to research and write about a legal issue based on a bunch of dog bite cases, took me 3 days (mostly today) to do this time. This is why the Holiday Day Inn Express commercial speaks to me. And, sadly, also why 24 missed out. Things that make you go hmm.

    You're probably saying, TMI. Oh well.

    Happy early Wednesday.:)

  19. You didn't really say what you thought about it.

    I didn't, did I? :)

  20. I used to watch 24 with my ex. That was more than a year ago, now.

    Maybe you already knew that.

    I adore your dedication to your show. :)

  21. I didn't see 24 this week, I know, I know. But I have decided to not watch it ever again and ONLY read your recaps. You crack me up. "We need more Chloe", I think we know who needs more Chloe, BONE needs more Chloe!

    You should do a new section. Who's guest starring this week on 24 who is a former Saved By The Bell, Seinfeld & General Hospital star. I can't wait to see Jack fall in love with the new woman at CIU Laura Baldwin/Spencer.

  22. East of Oregon (I think): Maybe you can catch it one week. I'm sure there would be some legal issues and topics mentioned in the show. So you could just say you were watching it for school :)

    TC: No, you didn't! Is this the "if you can't say something nice..." thing?

    Blondie: Well, that's no excuse why you shouldn't be watching now ;-)

    Hotpinksox: I could do a Haven't I Seen Them Before section, or something.

  23. Is this the "if you can't say something nice..." thing?


    It's a keep you guessing thing. ;)

  24. ROTFL

    Was that one of those "if you can't say something nice..." things? ;)