Thursday, January 11, 2007

A 3 minute tour & Nan shuffles for you

This is National Delurking Week, I've learned from a couple of other blogs. Most every blog has its lurkers, those who read but rarely if ever comment. Well, this is your week to be seen, or read.

I chose this nice button from the National Delurking Week website, because, well I think it's fairly obvious...

With not much going on mid-week, I thought I'd do a little tour around the blogosphere. I got this idea from Sage a few weeks ago. The same Sage who has been invited to join an elite group for just a nominal fee. I guess I'll have to settle for continuing to receive mailouts offering me a Rascal that may be completely covered by Medicare.

Pia, my unwitting mentor, displays an outstanding talent for fiction writing each week on the 3WW.

Elsewhere, Buffy had sort of an open blog confessional recently, which turned into quite a success. Traveling Chica caught up with an old (guy) friend from high school over the holidays. And Blondie has been having strange dreams again. (Which I promptly interpreted for her.)

Renee is doing another meme. And may or may not be regifting a label maker. Ms. Sizzle posted snow pics, which you probably know I love. And Lass has been receiving love letters from someone who isn't her husband.

Last but not least, please stop by and send prayers, thoughts, and good wishes to Miss Shayna, who is expecting a baby boy.

Finally, I've asked 'Nan to participate in today's blog entry. I thought this would really explain a lot about her, about myself, and about our relationship. She's going to pick ten random songs that she knows I like. And I'll add my comments below each. (She loves it when I push her buttons. She always responds.)

Here we go...
1. The Boys of Summer - Don Henley
This song always makes me miss the beach. And may or may not make me think of a girl.

2. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong - Spin Doctors
It's probably best none of you have ever caught me in my car singing along to this one. Yep, probably best.

3. I Just Can't Stop Loving You - Michael Jackson and that girl no one had ever heard of, before or since
Oh, shut it! I'm sure if you were all subjected to random iPod confiscations, there would be some very interesting things on yours as well. Maybe even some king of pop. Or NKOTB.

4. R.O.C.K. In The USA - John Cougar
Entertaining and educational. Spelling was only ever more fun with the Village People. And maybe the Wiggles.

5. Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind
Doing crystal meth will lift you up until you break... You can say that again. What?

6. You Had Me From Hello - Kenny Chesney
Reciting this line in combination with copious amounts of alcohol may or may not convince Renee Zellweger to marry you.

7. The Day That She Left Tulsa - Wade Hayes
I had a dream the other night which included Nick Saban and Wade Hayes. And I scored a touchdown.

8. Hard Habit To Break - Chicago
Because all girls like to be referred to as habits. Am I right ladies... Ladies?

9. My Baby No Esta Aqui - Garth
She left me here with nada, broke my heart like a pinata... 'Nuff said. Instant classic.

10. I Want You Back - J-5
Odd that neither Tim McGraw nor Matchbox Twenty made the list. Since I have 53 of one and 27 of the other on here.

"I can see you, your brown skin shining in the sun. I see you walking real slow, and you're smiling at everyone..."


  1. I'll embarass myself with you. :)

    On shuffle - which is where my iPod stays 98% of the time -:
    1. Fireflies, Faith Hill
    2. Estas Aqui, Ana Pozas
    3. Laredo, Chris Cagle
    4. Chasing the Sun, the Calling
    5. I feel the Magic, Belinda Carlisle (and if THAT'S not embarassing to admit, what is?! That I once went to a Cher & Cyndi Lauper concert? ;))
    6. Downtime, Jo Dee Messina
    7. I Melt, Rascal Flats
    8. Stand, R.E.M.
    9. The King of Wishful Thinking, Go West
    10. Where the Blacktop Ends, Keith Urban

    I'm also surprised by some that didn't end up on there: I have 19 Def Leppard Songs, 15 Gin Blossoms songs, like 10 Journey songs... it's amazing how fickle shuffle can be!

    And btw, I had to take my iPod off shuffle and listen to that song, thanks, thanks a lot. You have some good ones on there... and if a few weird ones pop up, well, we're all a bubble or two off, right?

  2. P.S. Gotta love the girls that respond easily, huh? ;)

  3. Gosh, as though I don't have enough to do already . . .you have to make a list of blog recommendations. Sheesh.

    Now, about that music list. Ummm . . .let's just say: "My! That's a list."

  4. I'll be sure to check out some of the blogs you hopped to. Good list of songs.

    Ps: Happy Birthday!

  5. Bone, Don't worry about giving me credit, I stole the idea from Kevin (not Kevin from AL) and I'm sure he stole it from someone else... And now that I'm entering the sunset of life, I'd forget anyway.

    I liked your I-pod Nano post and have thought about posting a picture of mine (clad in leather of course!) I have a couple hundred songs on it, but almost always listen to books. I also have found that it is great to carry around some pics (everyone wants to see pics of the kids). I had my calendar on it, but since the last update, I can't seem to load my calendar from Microsoft Outlook.

  6. So I'm sitting here, working away, when I realized you called Mr. Crazyman my friend!!!! Not so much.

    And what's this about a birthday?!?! Yesterday? Today? Tomorrow? When? Happy birthday!

  7. I am so honored. ;)

    I can play along with these little iPod meme's as soon as I get my Shuffle.

    Can't WAIT!

  8. 8. Hard Habit To Break - Chicago
    Because all girls like to be referred to as habits. Am I right ladies... Ladies?

    Personally, as long as it's a "good" habit, I could probably be okay with it... depending on the person.

    Nan just gave me a good posting suggestion for tomorrow! Embarrassing things your music selection tells about you! It will be interactive.

  9. p.s. What kinda birthday are you having today? Since I know it isn't the celebration of your birth.

  10. TC: Ooo, King of Wishful Thinking! I had that cassette single. And by had, I mean have.

    Oh, he's not? Well, you caught up with him. Maybe I just added the friend part :)

    And I don't know what birthday.

    PS: You are 1-for-1 on SBTB trivia.

    Elizabeth: That's a list, huh? A fine example of "If you can't say something nice..." Thank you.

    Rose: Well, my birthday isn't until February. But thanks! I think this is the earliest birthday wish I've ever received :)

    Sage: I don't have any current pics of anyone. I remember my Dad carrying around my high school senior pic in his wallet until... well. That's probably still the most recent pic he has of me.

    Calling Olan Mills.

    Blondie: You're gonna love it. By the way, how are those interpretations working out for you. First three are free ;-)

    DCChick1: Sounds like a good idea. Although I can't think of any embarrassing things about my music selection :)

  11. hummm regifting the labelmaker.... not a bad idea. I need to redo some labels first. EWWWE a used regift! That's gotta be worse than a regift. LOL!

  12. Oh Bone, you shouldn't have :)

    My Ipod selections remain private

    A bone and a dawg--think I have to get me one

  13. Of course I'm 1-for-1 on SBTB trivia. What'd you expect? Come on! ;-)

    So you still have that single? And you listen to it on... what? I don't know that I still have anything at my disposal that would play a cassette, though I kind of wish I did... old NKOTB tapes and all you know. ;)

  14. did I just find out your "real" name over at Sage's place?

  15. well all i'm saying is be prepared for 75% musical showtunes in my blog tomorrow! :)

    btw, My sister and I used to dance around to "king of wishful thinking" on our Pretty woman soundtrack tape.

  16. being called a habit is so flattering. ;) J5 - looooove them. i am grooving to them as i type this, in fact. your nan and my ippy should hook up, yo.

  17. I can't believe you ended on what you DIDN'T get in your list! You're a booger!! I think Nan's choices were fabulous :-) Ok, your commentary was enlightening too ;-)

  18. Renee: Yeah, I won't even buy anything in a store that looks like it's been returned and repackaged :) If you can imagine that.

    Pia: You're more than welcome. It's almost as if that button was created for you :)

    Oh come now. Share. Don't you see what a wonderful glimpse into the real me these songs gave?

    Traveling Chica: Well, when I bought my car last year, I found one with a CD player and cassette :)

    Renee: Haha. Perhaps. OK, no. I'm still not sure where he got that, but it makes for a good story :)

    DCChick1: Exactly how would one prepare oneself for 75% showtunes? ;-)

    Ms. Sizzle: Ooo, a fellow J-5 fan! Very cool. Hmm, what would they do? You think they'd exchange songs or something?

    Arlene: You're right. I shouldn't have been so hard on 'Nan. She did a good job. Maybe I'll let her in the bed for an hour or so tonight.

  19. Smart man. :)

    I never had that soundtrack, DC, but I think I have just about every song from that soundtrack on my iPod.

  20. well depending on how much you enjoy them I suggest one of two things:

    either a well tuned voice....

    or a lot of alcohol.


  21. Bone... does it really bother you that people read and never comment? We have tons of people that are faithful lurkers and never comment. I've heard (read) alot of blogs where people comment about people not commenting.... griping about it actually. I'm just curious ;)

    BTW... thanks for commenting !!! haha

  22. Well, rather than be a lurker, I feel the sudden compelling urge to comment. Whew! Thank goodness that's out of my system.

    Interesting song selection. That Garth Brooks song, though, really made me ponder the definition of "classic". I think we may need to edit Webster's on this one.

  23. I never cared about comments. Then I met Bone. No really blogging is an interactive medium. I love to write. If I'm not writing for publication and that's been awhile or not in a class, the only feedback I get is in comments

    As I love Bone's posts, I want to encourage him to post more and to uh think about submitting. The only way I can show this is by commenting, and often commenting directly about his posts

  24. I agree, Pia. He's a fabulous writer, and I think he should look to do something with it. Of course, that would leave him less time to blog, which would devastate us... but in the end it would be better for him.

  25. Boys of Summer
    One of the BEST songs ever:)

  26. DCChick1: I'm not sure I'm big on showtunes. Does Grease count? I do like Jimmy Durante.

    Kerry: Bother? No, not at all. That's part of blogging. I've been a lurker before. I think it's more of a curiosity for me.

    Zeus: Haha. Oh, come now, it's great. English and Spanish. It's like Babelfish wrote a song :)

    Pia: Thanks so much for your encouragement :0) It is interactive. No one wants to dawdle around for years in virtual obscurity.

    TC: Yes, but then ideally, I could quit my current job, so maybe it would all even out. Thanks for the nice words :)

    Ms.L: It's obviously in my top 471 :)

  27. I hate to think of myself as a lurker-- more of a, hmm, rare species of drive-by commenter or something. Nevertheless, commenting today.

  28. Love your blog!! - sending you some link love!!

  29. Good afternoon,
    Haven't been around for quite a while. One thing or another, plus I have my main blog at another place now. Although I do come back to blogger and try to post something once in a while. Plus check up on a couple of bloggers here.

    Glad to see everything seems to be OK at your place. So here's wishing you a belated Happy, Healthy New Year.


  30. TC: Is there a proper response for "de nada?"

    Scone: Glad you still drive by from time to time :)

    Sunshine: Thanks for the compliment and thanks for the link.

    Patty: I remember you :) A happy, healthy new year to you and yours, as well.