Monday, December 25, 2006

Festivus 2006 Recap

They came.
They grieved.
They left.

Pizza has been consumed. Grievances aired. The pole is back in the crawlspace. Another Festivus For The Rest Of Us has come and gone.

This year's attendance of fourteen Festivians was a 75% increase over last year's total of eight. I hereby deem the 2nd Annual Festivus At Bone's an unqualified success. Thanks to all who attended.

It warmed my heart to hear everyone's grievances with me. About three or four of which involved me not answering my phone, returning calls, or returning emails. Do my friends know me or what!

Unfortunately, it never crossed my mind to take pictures. Fortunately, some of the festivities were captured on video. This is my first venture into the world of YouTube. For those of you who were unable to attend, I hope this gives you a small taste of what it was like:

Festivus 2006

I'm looking forward to next year. However, if Festivus '07 is any bigger, we may have to expand out to the patio.

OK, I gotta get in bed or Santa's never gonna come. I hope you all have a merry Christmas.

"Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe help to make the season bright. Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight..."


  1. Of all the people in the world I would have assumed had taken pictures of a momentous Festivus event, it would have been you. Actually you are the only person I know to celebrate it

    But the song was nice :)

    Though my list of grievances has grown to include no pictures.

    Did Santa come? Once again you're the only adult I know anywhere, who I believe still secretly believes

    Merry Christmas Bone--may it be wonderful. And return those emails and phone calls before internet obsession becomes a "mental illness."

  2. I'm thinking of just doing a web verison of the grievences against S and M. LOL Shayla had some good ones! I can't believe they didn't show up! Next year we can webcast it like we do everything else since people seem to be moving or have moved away. I'll try and get a better webcam or something.

  3. Merry Christmas, Bone! Hope that Santa came to visit and left you everything you wanted under the tree!

    I too, would like to say that my grievance with you is that you didn't take photos. Shame on you! ;)

  4. Merry Christmas J-Dizzle!!

    I guess I need to learn more about Festivus. I know the basic theory behind it, which may be all there is. Looks like you guys had fun though, and I love the little video! Hopefully we'll be seeing more U-Tube action!

    So did Santa bring you anything good this year?

  5. Pia: Yes, Santa came. And how did you know I still secretly believe?!?!

    Kyle: I thought about asking you to bring your webcam. Perhaps we can plan to webcast Festivus 2007 live.

    Traveling Chica: Thanks. I hope he brought you everything you wanted, as well ;-)

    That's not too bad a grievance. I'm sure you'll come up with a few more by next year.

    Arlene: Yeah, that's mostly all there is. Then people like me take the basic theory and carry it out to extremes :)

    Santa was good to me.

  6. Why will I come up with more by next year? Do you tend to make people mad?

    And okay, I'm intrigued. Don't you (meaning all of you that celebrate it) find the whole process of telling people what they do to piss you off right before Christmas a little(read: A LOT!) strange?!?!?! Doesn't it cause hard feelings? Or is it always joking grievances, like "You never answer your cell phone when I drunk dial you at 3 am?"?

  7. Btw, just watched the video. Nice touch. :)

  8. from the video it seems that while you had a bigger turn out this year for festivus that the guests were not all that thrilled to be there. Perhaps it was the singing on camera that made them see shy.
    I'm glad that you shared this with us though. I always feel like I'm being left out because I can't attend in person.
    Merry Christmas, Bone. Glad to hear that Santa was good to you. I'll be posting my grievances soon.

  9. If I'm in Huntsville next year to visit my folks, I think I might have to stop by for Festivus. I'm not sure I'll sing though. And as I don't know anyone, I'm not sure I could do an airing of grievances.

    But I'll bring some food that is non-traditional, like eggrolls or chow mein.

  10. Erika: Thanks.

    Traveling Chica: Oh, I was teasing. The grievances are done in such a fun way that even when they're serious, no one gets too angry. And because they're done in front of witnesses, no one gets hurt :)

    Renee: Well we had some shy singers. And no one knew we were going to sing the song until I passed out the lyrics. And most of them didn't know the song. Believe me, things really get cranking with the Airing of Grievances!

    Xinh: You can also do grievances against people who aren't present. And as we do the grievances about an hour into Festivus, you'll have probably already developed a grievance with one or two people at the party by that time :)

    How about some spring rolls? Yum!

  11. I feel as if I am now enlightened enough to attend a Festivus. If only I knew someone who actually celebrated. ;) (Near me that is...)

  12. Hey, I think your guests accompanied you very well, considering you sprang it on them and didn't have any rehearsals. I'll bet they are more prepared next year!

    All the best wishes for 2007 from your Canadian friend, eh?

  13. aww. i almost forgot about festivus. hope you had a wonderful christmas, bone.

  14. Am I wrong or were some people just NOT that into it?

    Why's there always gotta be a Scrooge . . . or, I guess, in this case, a George??

    Merry Christmas, Mr. Bone!

  15. Man. I just don't know what to say. I was laughing during the entire video. Not sure if that was your intention, or not. :)

    I was really damn close to swinging by Lowe's and picking up an aluminum pole. Still may do it by next year, though I'm not too sure that I could get people over here for a Festivus party. It seems like you're starting a trend, according to this article.

    Happy Festivus, and Merry Christmas to you, Sir Bone of Bama.

  16. Glad you had so many people to celebrate Festivus with you. I see this becoming bigger and bigger. You may need to get a football field. Maybe I'll even make the big trek southward next time!! Hope you had a most wonderful holiday!!

  17. That was really lovely.

  18. Traveling Chica: Well my work here is done then :) You could always throw your own.

    Heather in BBC: Thanks! I thought so, too. They had no time to prepare. I just handed out the lyrics and said, "Let's sing!"

    Wishing you the best in 2007, as well.

    Crys: It was good. I hope that you did, too.

    Elizabeth: Well, some people can't/don't sing. It was good. I was pleased. Especially since I coordinated the guys' and girls' separate parts in the chorus on the spot.

    Merry Christmas.

    Big Man: I think laughing would be the most natural reaction, regardless of our intent :) It's amazing that Festivus really seems to be catching on, eight years after Seinfeld went off the air.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus, Big Man.

    Carnealian: Yes, we may have to go outside in a couple of years. Festivus-Stock!

    Lux Lisbon: Making your friends sing a holiday song you wrote and then putting it on the internet. Isn't that what the holidays are all about? :)

  19. That looks like too much fun! What kind of pizza did you have? Nothing with olives I hope!

  20. Lass: We had 2 pepperonis, 2 sausages, 1 mushroom, and 1 cheese. Two Domino's 5+5+5 deals :)