Monday, January 22, 2007

24 Recap: 1/22/07

Don't anyone try to tell me you saw that coming. The bald guy, Doctor Romano from ER, is Jack's brother?!?!

I admit I was beginning to have doubts about this season. Not for any particular reason, other than the thought that it can't possibly continue to surprise and entertain. And then, it does.

So quickly recapping tonight's show, also known as 10:00-11:00 AM...
People are in the streets, running around like a nuclear bomb just went off. Jack calls Bill. Bill says, "I thought you were out."
Jack replies, "Not after this."

FBI agents are using Walid, Sandra Palmer's boyfriend(?), to try and get information from the other detainees. Personally, I'm not sure Walid is going to live to see the afternoon.

Asaad, the "good" terrorist who reminds me a little bit of that teacher Gil Myers from 90210, is brought to CTU, where he gives Buchanan the name of a Russian who might be involved. Jack's father turns up on a list of contacts for the Russian.

Jack tries to contact his father (who we'll refer to from hereon as "Jack's father"). Some guy named Sam, who apparently lives with Jack's father, answers the phone and says he doesn't know where Jack's father is.

Jack then calls his brother, Graham, who turns out to be the bald guy with the high-tech cell phone earpiece from past seasons. He then shows up at Graham's house, sends the wife and kid upstairs, locks himself and Graham in a room, and begins to interrogate him.

President Wayne Palmer is taken down into the "bunker," which I thought (hoped) might look something like the bridge of the Enterprise. But wound up looking more like the lounge of a luxury hotel. He makes a speech to the American people at the end of the hour.

The good:
Jack's brother and father being brought into the fray. (Is it just me, or does Jack have some minor family issues?)

Jack interrogating his brother by, among other things, suffocating him by pulling a plastic bag over his head. (You kids don't try that at home.)

Bill Buchanan snubbing Asaad's handshake. Or as we might say, Asaad "overgreeted" in this situation.

Wayne Palmer showing a bit more leadership and integrity. (Although I still don't buy him as the President.)

The bad:
Sandra Palmer. Puhleeeze. As the FBI guy said to her, "Let's be honest. The only reason you're here is because you're the President's sister." Booyah!

The helicopter crash. It seemed out of place. It's almost like they felt they needed to blow something up. So they just threw in a random helicopter. 12,000 people just died and Jack goes to rescue some random guy? It just didn't fit.

We still need another personality in the field. As it is, there's Jack and a bunch of random guys. Someone needs to emerge or be written in.

Scenes from next week. I'm almost beginning to not like these. Am I alone here? I mean, I didn't necessarily want to know Jack's brother gets away. And also, they make me wish I didn't have to wait a whole week to see what happens. Which I guess is the point.

Best scene:
The whole scene with Jack interrogating Graham. Especially this:
Jack: "I need some information. Are you gonna give it to me, or do I have to hurt you?"
Jack's brother: "You're already hurting me."
Jack: "Trust me, I'm not."

Times you wish reality would emulate television:
President Palmer to the Admiral, also known as Dick Cheney: "We will retaliate, Admiral. But we will do so carefully and with our sights locked on our enemy, and only our enemy."

Did you know?
Jack's brother is the same guy who played Monty on Fame.

Where is Audrey? Love her or hate her, something is up. Is she alive? Did they trade her to China for Jack?

Why is Asaad going to Washington? Couldn't he better assist in the field, or at least from CTU? Or is there a 90210 reunion no one told me about?

Could Jack's "nephew" turn out to be Jack's son?

What if Curtis comes back like Bruce Willis in Sixth Sense, and he's dead but doesn't know it, and tells Jack, "I see terrorists." Or what if he comes back like Patrick Swayze in Ghost, and channels himself thru Milo, and him and Jack make pottery together?

OK, clearly, I need to get to bed. Besides, I can't read the rest of the handwritten notes I took.

I miss...
Audrey. I'm sorry, but she's hot.

"Fame! I'm gonna live forever. I'm gonna learn how to fly..."


  1. Sir Bone~

    Is it just me or do you expect Sandra to at some point say, "Craaaig" (a la Friday)?

    I agree with TMI being shared about next week. I also think that Jack's nephew is actually his son.

    Thanks for the recap, I like that whatever i miss due to class getting out at the same time 24 begins I can still catch it all... a la Bone.

    (I am over-using "a la" today... aren't I?)


  2. You left out one of my FAY-vo-right parts:

    The President's (yeah, I can't buy him as pres, either, but he improved my opinion of him tonight) address to the public.

    He was honest, straightforward, no sugarcoating, here are the facts ma'am, no cover-up here, yeah it was a Nuc . . . He was everything we WANT a president to be.

    Hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams.

    Oh and on WHAT planet would a hottie from Seinfeld marry Montgomery McNeil from Fame, UNLESS he had a gazillion dollars???

  3. So, fill me in here.

    There is an entire season, and in the season, 24 hours pass? So, this, as season 2, has already surpassed the first 24 hours, correct? Or am I wrong?

    I promise I'll watch it next week! Nothing scheduled for Monday... but I'm still goitn to need that reminder. Scheduling my life around TV hasn't happened since Dawson's Creek. (Uh, did I just admit that on a blog? Forget I wrote that...)

    OK, clearly, I need to get to bed. Besides, I can't read the rest of the handwritten notes I took. You are such a nerd, Bone. :-) That's absolutely adorable. Both that you TOOK notes... and that your handwriting is so bad you couldn't read it.

  4. Bone with you around I never ever have to watch TV but can know all about it

    Don't even want to get into Bruce Willis coming back as....but I liked it

  5. Seriously Rocket Romano being Jack's brother, totally threw me for a loop. I about died. I love super plot twists like that. Next thing you know, Alcazar and Sonny are actually long lost brothers. Actually that might kill me.

    Also; Asaad, the "good" terrorist who reminds me a little bit of that teacher Gil Myers from 90210
    That only disturbed me a little bit. Glad you keep up on your 90210.

  6. i should really start watching the show i guess...

  7. UGHM: I never saw Friday, apparently. The nephew really favored Kim to me. Of course, I guess cousins are allowed to favor. But, with Graham saying what he did to the wife about Jack, it's a thought.

    Elizabeth: Yes, I was glad Wayne went with the straightforward, honest approach in the speech. And you're right, she was in a Seinfeld. I'm impressed.

    TC: Each season is comprised of 24 episodes, making up one day. Each episode is one hour, "real-time." This is actually season six. And it has been twenty months (I think) since season five was supposed to have occurred. So these are not consecutive days.

    Genie: Thanks. And in my defense, it was getting quite late when I made that particular suggestion :)

    Heather B: That was a fantastic twist. The 24 writers do it again!

    Sizzle: Yes, if only so you can add to the discussion with my weekly recap ;-)

  8. Season 6???????????????????? Oh boy, I'd have a lot to catch up on then, huh? Thanks for explaining all the intricate details to me: I'd be lost on TV shows without you. ;)

  9. Like Traveling Chica I missed it and I'll need a reminder next Monday. And TC is right you are a nerd.

    But a good nerd!

    Thanks for the update!

  10. I was over at NBC watching Heros. They always put 24 on up against another of my shows. Believe it or not, I've never seen it. I'm going to have to rent the DVDs and watch that way.

  11. Would you believe I've never watched 24? and I haven't watched ER in a LOOOOOOOng time. Keep up the good watching :)

  12. When the camera showed who Jack's brother was- I jumped up and ran across the room screaming! (I scared the kids- again!)
    I totally flipped. T had to rewind the DVR back for 2 minutes...
    and Jacks dad is "Farmer Hoggett"????!!!! (from Babe!)
    I agree with you about the seemed forced, but it did open up a good conversation between hubby and me- about how if I were in a city that had been nuked- I wouldn't want him to come after my radio active bbq'd bits. He hated this conversation- but I thought it was good :)

    I hadn't thought about Jack being the father of his brothers son...but the minute I saw him I thought- "hey, that kid looks like his uncle!"

    My nephew looks way more like me than my sister...but he's her kid- I had nothing to do with it! :)

    Loved this, Bone- I can only imagine how much fun it would be to watch this show with a bunch of other people who enjoy it as much as we do! :)

    Have a great week :)

  13. TC: It's OK. I didn't become a regular until last season. It's easy to catch up though.

    And now I find out Ian Ziering is gonna be on Dancing With The Stars this year? Great, I'll have to add that to my list.

    Hotpinksox: Sometimes I'm not sure why I put up with such abuse from you girls :)

    Carmen: Yeah, it kinda sucks they put those up against each other.

    East: Well, you're not alone. I only have a few readers who watch 24... so far ;-)

    Mayden: Yeah, I mean, couldn't the other pilot have done what Jack did? All he did was break the window.

    Ooo, a blogosphere 24 viewing party. That'd be great!

    Thanks. You too :)

  14. I'm going to have to google Ian Ziering...

    I only got hooked on Dancing with the Stars halfway through the season... all because of my s.i.l. I blame her. 100%. Next year I won't watch...

    You put up with being called a nerd from us because:

    1. We're right and you know it.
    2. We both adore nerds.
    3. You love your blog readers and would be bored without us. ;)

  15. I did know that about Jack's brother and dropped that revelation on NittanyBri last night. I love useless trivia!!

    I think it's going to be pretty difficult for the two of them to have a conversation with that plastic bag on his head. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

  16. This was fun to read. Good post.

  17. I don't even watch the show, but now I can have a conversation with friends as if I did...Thanks! :D

  18. I wish I knew what you were talking about.. :)

  19. TC: Ian Ziering is Steve Sanders from 90210. You really don't watch much TV do you? :)

    Carnealian: I think by this point, there are no new actors. Everyone has been in something before and that's how we recognize and identify them.

    Good to have you watching!

    Lindsy: Thanks, blogger friend.

    Renee: Well, it's the least I can do.

    Burg: Me too :)

  20. Gee, it only took a couple of months of me saying that for you to believe me! ;)

  21. TC: Yep, that's how it works :)

  22. Really, for a male, you learned fast... ;)

    (Oh wait, was that me failing to sweet-talk you again?)

  23. I have got to start remembering to come here on Tuesdays. Dammit.

    I almost fell off the couch when I saw who his brother was. I called my own brother - a 24 fanatic who got me hooked on the show last year like a heroin addict sharing his junk - and literally screamed into the phone "DID YOU KNOW THAT WAS HIS BROTHER!!" I thought maybe that was something everyone knew but me since I had only started watching last year. Apparently I was wrong.

    And where is Audrey? Is Jack going to start up with his brother's wife? And come on, is that kid Jack's son? Look at him, that little turtle couldn't have produced that kid.

    See you next week!

  24. TC: If a couple of months is fast, then yes I do :)

    Brooke: I don't know. Something is going on with Audrey.

    Yes, you have to start stopping by Tuesdays so we can discuss the show!

  25. In my experience, that was fast.

  26. Okay, now that I've seen the episode, I can comment.

    Warning, this might be a really long comment.

    First, I want to point out that if you have no idea about Los Angeles or California, then certain plot points won't bug you, but if you live in L.A. (and/or CA), then certain things just drive you up a frellin' wall. Things like: 1) CTU is somewhere near Century City and they sent a car to get Jack in Granada Hills right after a nuclear bomb went off. With everybody getting on the road to get the heck out of dodge, there's no way a car would've gotten to him in less than 15 minutes (unless there was a team close to him, which I didn't get the impression there was). My friend Nathan said that it was slightly believable that CTU could send Jack a car and have it get to him on time because no sane person would be on the freeway heading towards the nuke. Which, okay, but still.; 2) Jack's brother lives in Indian Falls. That's up PAST Sacramento so it's easily an 8 hour drive, yet he got there in under 1 hour. In a car. I wish the writers wouldn't just randomly make up city names in Los Angeles without first checking to make sure there isn't a city already with that name. I'm assuming it's supposed to be somewhere in the Valley since the brother's phone number was an 818 area code.

    Second, Gil Meyers looks nothing like Assad. Although, I do find it funny that they both are part of the Star Trek universe.

    The woman playing Graham's wife is Rena Sofer, who also plays Nathan's wife on Heroes, which is on opposite 24 on Mondays. She was also the original Lois on GH.

    I think someone mentioned Jack's family issues and I have to concur. Damn, torturing your own brother? Imagine what he'll do to his brother when he finds out that Graham had something to do with him being in jail in China.

    And not only is Ian Ziering going to be on Dancing With the Stars, so is Billy Ray Cyrus and Joey Fatone. Good god. It's like a D-list convention.