Monday, August 21, 2006

Oh, Phalanx

Last eve all was well
'Til downstairs I did fell

Why so hurriedly must I go
Methinks I broke my toe

Now here a picture for you
Precious phalanx, violet and blue

In time, I know 'twill heal
But now, 'tis pain I feel

"So tell me one more time, how you're sorry about the way this all went down..."


  1. Ooh, I've done that before. When I worked for a bank and had to stand all day and couldn't wear shoes... oh the agony! I feel your pain, Bone! Cute poem though!

  2. Me too--many times. The poem is so Boney, and I can't believe that I just said that

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  4. Ouch! Yeah, that's gotta hurt. My mother broke her little toe once and tried to splint it with a popcicle stick. Didn't work worth a darn.

  5. Awww poor little toe. Feel better!

  6. Ouch. Yeah. Looks broken to me. Has it always been that much shorter than your other toes? And the poem is damn cute.

  7. Last year I broke two toes on my left foot and the pain was excruciating. It was worse than when I dislocated my knee cap in high school. I couldn't even drive my car until my toes healed because it hurt too bad to push the clutch in.

  8. Owie! I'm always stubbing my toes and I may have broke it once or more, who knows. It just hurts like crazy whenever you hurt it.
    Lots of ice on it and elevate it too. You may be in flip flops for a while...hope your boss doesn't mind. Maybe lots of gauze & tape will calm the angry boss down.

  9. Groovie: Thanks. The things I do for blog material :)

    Pia: No, no, it's OK. I think we could have a new word. Or at least a new definition. How would you define Boney, as used here?

    K: Yeah, someone said if you go to the doctor all they're gonna do is tape one of those popsicle sticks to it :)

    HB: Thanks. We'll try. Seems like they just take awhile to heal.

    Lass: LOL Yes, it's always been that much shorter. I pretty much have long, skinny finger-toes, except for the little one. Not a pretty sight.

    And the poem's better if read in a dramatic voice with thick British accent. Because that's how I was saying it aloud as I was writing it.

    Krista: Seems to me you're always breaking something ;-) Hey, didn't I see you in the grocery store the other day?

    Renee: Oh, I'm always in flip-flops anyway. I actually put on shoes to go to dinner tonight, because I had put some tape on it and the white tape was standing out like a... sore toe.

  10. great poem--it sounds like something you might get from Garrison Keillor (without the pic, of course).

  11. Oh your poor little piggie. Hope it feels better soon. You should try staying on one floor or the other when drinking heavily. Then one won't fall down the steps! LOL!

  12. Ouch....but it did provide good material for a bone

  13. No, it's not okay. The day I become good with Boney...ugh---

    meant that I have broken big and little toes so many times the little ones are crooked

    Boney: a poem or song lyric by Bone in a style only Bone could write it. Some of Bone's prose is Boney also, but most and some song lyrics seem as if written by an alter-egobd

  14. Lord Bone Tennyson-

    Gloom, despair and agony on me (Whaoooh)

    I posted another pic today as well. It's my headshot B/W publicity photo.

  15. How long did it take to come up with the little poem?

    cute toes btw ;)

    my little toe is the only bone I've ever broken but it was painful enough

    *hugs to you*


  16. I am now tempted to post a pic of my foot blister inflicted upon my person last Friday. It hurts like the dickens but I have a bandaid on it.

    I'll kiss your owwie and you kiss mine! :)

  17. Sage: Hmm, interesting observation. That never crossed my mind. But I can see how some slight comparison could be drawn. My apologies to Mister Keillor :)

    Carnealian: Thanks. I'll keep that in mind for next time.

    RedNeckGirl: Yes, and even as most of me was moaning in pain, part of me knew it was all for the greater good. Or something.

    Pia: That's probably just my id coming thru. Or my ego malfunctioning.

    Dorothy: Well, it's not exactly Flower In The Crannied Wall :)

    Rae: It came rather quickly, as I'm sure you figured :)

    Circe: Do you use a colorful bandaid, sheer, or standard brown?

    Wait a sec. You'd be kissing my toe. I'd be kissing a pus-filled blister... OK, stick it up here :)

  18. Owie owie owie owie! It hurts just looking at it. Ugh! Tape it to your other toe...that's what a doc would do if it's broken and it does look broken!

  19. One of your best!

    Nice fingers by the way.

  20. Awesome poem! Sorry about the toe... that little guy will take forever to heal! Its a good thing you dont have to cram him into heels anytime soon ;)

  21. Ouch!

    Have you gone to see a doctor about the toe? I mean, all the doc can do for a broken toe is tell you if it is indeed broken or not, but you might get some painkillers out of the deal.

  22. Chickadee: I did. It has a buddy toe now. Seems to help. At least it's not getting knocked around as much.

    Blondie: Thanks. Maybe I could have been a hand model?

    Kerry: Anytime soon? lol Make that anytime period. And it's a great excuse to be able to wear flip flops anywhere and everywhere. Not like I didn't already.

    Xinh: Ooo, how could I not have thought of that?! Hydrocodone, please.

  23. That's me, always thinking of the prescription drug angle for everything!

  24. Oh no! I don't visit for a few days and you go and break something! (I'm going to have to try to figure out why Bloglines won't pick up a feed from your blog. SO annoying!)
    I, too, have broken the littlest piggy...on the door frame or my bedroom, when my 13-year old was about 18 months old, and I was about 8 months pregnant. Oh, the pain...and it looked dreadful for weeks...blech!
    I hope you get to feeling better pretty soon. Not fun!!

  25. Xinh: I like it. Maybe I need to adjust my own thinking :)

    Jennifer: Someone mentioned before that something is screwed up with my RSS feed. I've been asking around, but haven't figured out how to fix it.