Tuesday, January 16, 2007

24: Season 6 Premiere

Sitting at Applebee's eating a house salad and chicken quesadillas last night, I wondered to myself, would Jack Bauer be eating a salad?

The most intense, suspenseful drama in television history is back for its sixth season. 24 premiered in its customary two-night, four-hour fashion Sunday and Monday nights.

Jack Bauer is back, after spending twenty months in a Chinese prison. Upon his return to U.S. soil, he receives a call from President Wayne Palmer, asking (telling) him to sacrifice himself for the good of the country.

Basically, they're buying Jack from the Chinese in order to sell him to a terrorist who plans to kill him. It's sort of like finding out you've been traded from the Lions to the Raiders, multiplied by about a hundred.

Originally, we think the bad guy is someone named Asaad, a known terrorist. Then we find out it is another guy, named Fayed. Once Jack finds out the government has the wrong guy, he escapes, and then it's on like Donkey Kong!

We welcome Nadia to the CTU team this season. She's a hottie who reminds me a bit of Karen on The Office. Bill Buchanan is still around. Karen Hayes is now working in the White House, alongside some guy no one likes yet named Tom.

Chloe's ex, Morris, is now apparently Chloe's current again. And he's at CTU, clashing hourly with Milo, who Chloe evidently went out with a time or two.

The shock value has been high in the first four hours this season, highlighted by Jack killing one of his captors by taking several bites out of the guy's neck. That's gotta have a bit of an aftertaste, I don't care how many bad guys you've killed. Anyhow, that was both gross and incredibly cool.

Still, last night's fourth hour was probably the most shocking thusfar. It featured Jack shooting good guy Curtis. (I'm still not sure how I feel about that.) Then, a "suitcase nuke" was detonated near the end of the hour.

Also, they seem to be writing in a much higher number of "civilian" deaths this season. And I'm still not sure how I feel about Wayne Palmer as President. I liked his character in previous seasons. But I'm not buying him as President. At least not yet.

The good:
Chloe, although she hasn't gotten many chances to be "Chloe" yet.

Nadia. Or as I refer to her, Nadia Hottie-uh. Go ahead. Say it. It rolls right off the tongue.

Jack rescuing Asaad just before the house is bombed.

The government being forced to work with Asaad, a known terrorist. A nice twist.

The suspicion of Muslims and the debate over detaining them. Very real.

The bad:
The childish Milo/Morris arguing.

Sandra Palmer, the President's sister.

The White House staff. They're lame. We need someone besides Karen Hayes and Tom whatever-his-name-is.

Something's missing at CTU. No Tony. No Michelle. And now maybe no Curtis? There needs to be someone else.

Best scene:
The light from the nuclear explosion reflected across Jack's face.

Worst line:
"You're not my friend. You don't even say my name right. It's Ach-med." Whatever, Kumar. You're not fooling anyone.

Did you know:
Mispronounced names are now the #1 cause of terrorist acts by disillusioned militant youths.

Where is Audrey? We're four hours in and she hasn't made an appearance.

Is Curtis dead? I never really heard them say. He went down and appeared to pass out. But is he dead, or do we know?

Will Bierko come back?

What did the government have to give the Chinese in order to get Jack back? Will that come into play later?

I miss:
Aaron Pierce

The non-stop season continues next Monday night at 9/8 Central.

"Love bites. Love bleeds. It's bringing me to my knees..."


  1. Sitting at Applebee's eating a house salad and chicken quesadillas last night, I wondered to myself, would Jack Bauer be eating a salad? Ummm, I think the more important question to be asking yourself is why you'd care? I mean, would you find yourself in a Chinese prison?

  2. You know, i've never even heard of 24 until this morning! Some of the girls downstairs were talking about it... and just were so dang shocked to hear that I had no idea what they were talking about! I guess it's a big deal...

    I'm into Ugly Betty and DH. :)

  3. I haven't watched 24 in a couple of seasons. I'm just waiting for Hero's to come back. I think it may be on tonight.

  4. TC: It's just something that, as a man, I have to ask myself from time to time :) Along the same lines, in relationships, I often ask myself, what would Seinfeld do? And that's clearly worked out well thusfar.

    Kerry: I was once like you, and had never seen 24. It is addictive though, once you start.

    What is Ugly Betty? I've heard of it, but that's about it.

    Lass: Any particular reason you stopped watching 24?

  5. I've never seen 24. I watch LOST though. And that Paula Abdul show.

  6. You're hilarious. You gave us Cliff's Notes to 24. You're rad.

  7. As long as you're happy, Bone.

    I heart chicken quesadillas from Applebees. It's almost 10 at night and I'm now hungry. Gracias.

    Btw, always good to see DL getting some playing time. Good stuff.

  8. Bone! :)

    The FOX re-cap of the show indicates that Curtis died- but you never know with these things...I'm not convinced. Then again- they kill off all kinds of people that shock me- Tony and Michelle- Edgar last season (never saw that coming!).
    I think if the Chinese had let me have Jack for as many years as I've been married- I could have worn him down ;)
    Did you see the internet clip that showed what happened to him while he was in prison...you have to see it! OMg- it's terrible what he goes through.
    I miss Audry too- but Jack didn't want her or Kim to know he was back in the USA.
    I think he'll fall apart when he sees her again-
    Ummm- wait- sorry, that will be ME falling apart when he sees her again.
    I'm pathetic- I love the show. I know it's not real life- but you know what?
    It could be-
    Which is what makes it great to watch and terrifying.

    Good to see you again- and yes- I do think Jack eats a salad every now and then- did you see how BUFF he was?
    Whew! :)

    Hey- WOrd Verification was


    lol! :)

  9. Ugly Betty is hilarious! Its a new comedy with American Ferrara (that probably doesnt tell you much because I didnt know who she was either). It's about this chubby kinda ugly braceface girl that enters a world of Mode magazine (fashion) and she is FAR from fashionable. It's hysterical! I love it.... catch it sometime..

  10. Santa: That Paula Abdul show? lol I assume you're referring to American Idol. I ususally don't get sucked into that until they get down to the final twelve contestants.

    Blondie: I'm rad? Cool. I had no idea :)

    TC: De nada ;-)

    Yeah, I thought Love Bites kinda went along with Jack bites that guy's neck. You know. Sort of similar.

    Mayden's Voyage: It looks like they would have shown Audrey, even if she didn't know about Jack. It just made me wonder if something was up with her.

    Yes, unfortunately, killing off main characters is part of what keep the show so fresh and interesting.

    Glad to have a fellow 24 fan on the blogroll!

    Kerry: So this chubby kinda ugly braceface girl would be Betty, I assume :)

  11. You lost me.

    Jack bites that guy's neck

    Is the show about vampires? Or are we talking another kind of "bite?"

  12. With all of this hype, I think I may just have to readjust my Netflix so I can see the entire thing from beginning to end. I admit: I'm curious, but I just never understood how someone would make a television series based on twenty-four hours. How exciting could each hour be?

    Apparently, a whole bleeping lot according to this.

  13. TC: Oh no, it's definitely that kind of bite. I think it was just a one time thing. As his hands were tied and it was the only way to kill his captor.

    Zeus: I remember thinking similar things when I first heard of it. But trust me, every hour is packed with suspense. It's unlike any other show I've ever seen.

  14. I don't think we have this here...this show...ow' maybe it's on cable....but then I again..schucks...don't watch television so how would I know...but it sounds exciting.....I'll have to ask around..

  15. TC: Just watch next week. You'll see.

    Lady Luxie: Well, I don't know where you're from, but I recommend it if you can find it, if you like suspense :) Thanks for the comment.

  16. Um, get drug into the life of television? Get hooked on a show? I'm not sure that's a great idea... (when's it on again?)

  17. TC: Monday nights at 8:00 Central, I think. Watch it once. If you hate it, you don't have to watch it again :)

  18. Okay. So totally late to the party with my comments here.

    As a person who lives in Los Angeles, I have to say that the main problem I have always had with this show is the way all the characters can get to various parts of LA so fast. Because I'm sorry, there is no way a person can get from Downtown LA to Newhall (30 miles and through 2 mountain passes) in less than 30 minutes. unless it's 4am on a Sunday morning. But certainly not at 8am on a weekday. No way, no how.

    I'm constantly calling the actors by the names not associated with the 24 characters. Like Assad is Dr. Bashir, Tom is The Biscuit, Sandra Palmer is Brenda Jenkins, Scott is Will Stronghold, Ahmed is Kumar, and so on. The show is practically a who's who of Hey! It's that Guy/Girl! actors/actresses.

    Wayne Palmer is a horrible president. But I think he's easily manipulated, which is going to work well for the Biscuit...I mean, Tom Lennox.

    I'm going to be in trouble on Monday because 24 is up against Heroes at 9pm ET/PT. I need to get a new tv and vcr this weekend to keep that from happening.

    Oh, and just as an FYI, Ugly Betty is the US version of a Mexican telenovela (aka soap opera) called Yo Soy Betty La Fea (I am Betty the Ugly), in case you wanted to know.

  19. girl fps gamer2/07/2007 10:56:00 PM

    I'm a BIG fan of 24 (but I don't get reseapsion in my house,[not sure why ]so I just rent the Dvd's )which is why I came here to read the recap of episode 127, and I liked tony alot too.