Sunday, January 28, 2007

A hat for all seasons

AI played with the colors on my template tonight. The white text on black background was sometimes hard on my eyes. I think this is easier to read. Let me know what you think.

After escorting my aunt to the Loretta Lynn concert last weekend, it was time to return to the pseudo bachelor paradise that is my life this weekend. Which pretty much wholly consisted of Axl and I heading to Tuscaloosa Saturday for the Alabama basketball game.

Upon arriving, I found a parking spot and got out of the car. Axl opened the back door and was getting something out of the back seat. Then he did it.

He replaced the completely normal Crimson Bama cap he had been wearing with a black cowboy hat. This turn of events prompted the following exchange:

"What are you doing?"

"I think I might wear a cowboy hat."

"Uhh, why?"

I don't remember his response. And it doesn't really matter, as no possible valid reason even exists.

Now some of you may be thinking, well it is Alabama, this is probably normal. Let me assure you, no, it is not. I don't recall ever seeing anyone wearing a cowboy hat at any of the of seventy or so university sporting events I've attended over the years. We wear Bama caps and houndstooth hats.

Besides that, I've never seen Axl wear a cowboy hat in the twenty-plus years I've known him. Not to mention, I don't want to be seen walking into the game with and sitting beside a guy wearing a cowboy hat. But, that's what happened.

After watching our beloved Tide lose the game, Buffalo Bill and I began the trek back to the car. It had begun to rain. Just as we got outside the coliseum (I was walking several yards ahead of him, for obvious reasons), he called to me from behind:

"Hey, Bone. After all that has happened to me today..."

Did I mention he got a speeding ticket on the way to meet me? Well, he did. I stopped to see what he was talking about. He was holding something in his hand. It took me a couple of seconds to realize what it was: the heel from one of his boots.

I couldn't help but laugh. And I also couldn't resist a couple of sly witticisms. Slapping him on the back, I held out my hand and said, "Here, have a Mentos."

That was followed a few seconds later by, "Dude, you're supposed to just break the heel off the other shoe when that happens. Come on, be a woman!"

There's nothing quite like strolling across a college campus in the rain, with your guy friend in tow, who happens to be donning a cowboy hat and limping along on a boot with no heel. These are the memories that last.

The drive home was rather uneventful. Axl wasn't talking much. It's amazing how losing a heel can ruin a guy's whole day. When we got back to where we'd met, I let him out at his car--well, his girlfriend's car actually, but that's another story. I turned around as he opened the back door to get his things.

I had noticed he threw several things in the back seat when he got in the car that morning. What I hadn't noticed was, included among those things were no less than four hats--two Alabama caps and two cowboy hats.


I struggled to grasp this and tried to think of some possible explanation. But there was none. I mean, why? What guy takes four hats to a ballgame? Who brings four hats anywhere? Finally, I managed to speak.

"You brought four hats?"

"Yeah," he replied as if this was completely normal human behavior and as if it were odd that I would even ask such a thing.

"Why would you bring four hats?"

"Well, I wasn't sure what I was gonna wear."

It was then, just before he closed the door, that I formed and unleashed my last witticism of the day:

"Too bad you didn't pack an extra pair of shoes."

Sometimes the blog entries write themselves.

"Stealing a young girl's heart, just like Gene and Roy. Singing those campfire songs. Oh, I should've been a cowboy..."


  1. Nothing will top Axl singing... and getting kicked off the tables at that one bar. He doesn't seem like a-hat-for-any-occasion type of guy.

    Sorry you lost, but I am glad you had a good story to tell.


  2. There's being prepared for where you're going, and then there's being prepared for where you're going.

    Maybe Axl was just trying to expand his horizons. Perhaps he had seen Pale Rider and was harnessing his inner Clint Eastwood. All things considered, that's probably what happened since Clint Eastwood is the epitome of cool. I can see why Axl would reach for such greatness.

    And you certainly are right concerning the blog entries writing themselves. ;)

  3. I am officially worried by the company you keep.

    Axl is definitely a character.
    Watch yourself. The next sporting event you attend could cause him to bring along extra shirts, or pants, probably shoes.

    In fact, it would probably be good measure for him to bring a carry-on piece of luggage to all major events.

  4. First off, I like the new look. :)

    Second, it's very... cute that you took your aunt to the LL concert.

    Third, the only places it's acceptable for a man to wear cowboy boots and a hat are the following: the rodeo, the farm (obviously), and a concert. Sporting events, such as the one you attended (sorry about the loss, btw), require you to wear a team hat (assuming you're wearing a hat that is).

    "Dude, you're supposed to just break the heel off the other shoe when that happens. Come on, be a woman!" As if I wasn't laughing hard enough already, you HAD to go and put that one out there, didn't you?!?!

  5. This is funny! BUT what's wrong with Cowboy hats (do you remember my former proflie pic). When you age starts to catch up with dirt, and there is more hair in the shower drain than on your head, hats become more important! I'm sure he felt like a heel...

  6. Oh please do share the Axl's girlfriend's car story. Please.

    Also, you've known someone for practically my entire lifetime. CRAZY. :-D

  7. larsonbuckeyefans1/29/2007 09:25:00 AM

    Sorry for the long silence,I was in mourning over the championship game...Love the gray,hope you keep it.This was a timely subject for me since I began wearing cowgirl hats last spring.It started with a cute pink one I saw,it got such positive feedback everywhere I went that I bought a straw one with a feather band for summer,a brown one for get the picture.My best friend is so annoyed by these hats she says things like "are we going to wear hats ALL the time now?" And everywhere we go,guys hang out their car windows and yell things like"hey cowgirl,whooooohoooo",whatever that means.I tried to get my headbanger husband to wear one to no avail(thus far).On the right person they are great,however even if I were going on a week's vacation I would only take one.And when will we get another 24 hrs of Bone? Soon,I hope. And did you know that for Feb sweeps GH will be in 24-style real time format?

  8. UGHM: Oh, I forgot I had blogged about that. I may try to find that entry and link to it. Yeah, it's not like he's out rustling cattle all day. He lives in a townhouse.

    Zeus: Ooo, maybe that's why he got a speeding ticket. Maybe the officer was gonna let him off with a warning until Axl said, "Go ahead. Make my day."

    Elizabeth: Haha, yes. Well, if he starts bringing a carry-on bag on day trips, I might have to draw the line.

    TC: Cute, huh? Mmhmm, what were you really thinking? :)

    Sporting events, such as the one you attended... require you to wear a team hat (assuming you're wearing a hat that is).

    Thank you! That's all I'm saying.

    Sage: I'm sure he felt like a heel...

    LOL I'm sure he did. And there's nothing wrong with cowboy hats per se. I just didn't think it was the appropriate venue. He was already wearing a cap. And who brings two cowboy hats?

    Heather B: Also, you've known someone for practically my entire lifetime. CRAZY.

    Uh, yeah. Thanks for throwing that in, HB.

    larsonbuckeyefans: Well, it might have been a little different if he wore cowboy hats all the time, or even if I'd ever seen him wear one before. But probably not :)

    did you know that for Feb sweeps GH will be in 24-style real time format?

    Yes. It began Friday. Today is hour two!

    I'm not sure about the 24 hours of Bone. I was thinking I might be running the whole 24 thing into the ground somewhat :)

    Sorry about the championship game disaster, Cowgirl :-/

  9. Actually, it is cute that you took your aunt to the LL concert... though I'm not an LL fan. (Flogging may now commence. You'll pass? Good.)

    My brother's best friend actually takes his grandma on vacation every year. They pick a spot, and then drive there. One summer he also took his little sister, but usually, it's just him and his grandma.

  10. Finally, you and I agree on something.

    Cowboy hats are so passe.

    Give me a man in a ballcap any day. Hubba hubba hot.

  11. LMAO...."too bad you didn't pack an extra pair of shoes"....omg sooooo funny!

    I like the new look! Hugs!

  12. Give me a man in a ballcap any day. Hubba hubba hot. Uh huh. Oops, sorry, had to wipe up that bit of drool. I'm all good now.

    I think you should consider making that a post in the ladies room one day, E.

    I'm sure Bone would agree... right? (About the topic, not about men in baseball caps being hot: though if you agree with that, it's okay too...)

  13. The entire time I'm reading, I kept thinking, what would I do? I have a particular distaste for cowboy hats in the first place. Around here in the great white north, one should expect to see cowboy boots and hats even less. Au contraire! When the Farm Show is in town, it seems all the town folk get their cowboy hats and boots out. They look retarded and I make fun of them. Then comes the Eastern Sports and Outdoor show. It's a huge huntin and killin convention that brings pick 'em up trucks, camo and yes, cowboy hats once again to the state capital. Eee Gads.

    Could the people behind you see over the hat?

    Sorry bout the loss.

  14. Love the new look.

    Did you ever hear the expression "trophy nephew?" Guess you define it.

    Axl sounds like a real character--cowboy hat and broken heel

    Sadly I'm glad that he got the ticket. Sounds like he deserves it for committing crimes against fashion--big difference than complimenting somebody on their choice of color in clothes

    You tell one heck of a funny story Bone. Just keep getting better

  15. Doesn't EVERYONE carry around 4 hats, just in case? ;) You crack me up.

  16. TC: Well, she was actually doing me a favor, as I don't think I had a single friend even slightly interested in going.

    That's actually very cool of him.

    BTW, don't forget to watch 24 tonight :)

    Eileen: The amazing thing was, we stopped at this little pub/restaurant before the game, and he was wearing a cap. And some girl he knew was saying how she'd never seen him in a cap and that he should wear them more often. Yet he changes into a cowboy hat before the game.

    It has been my experience that when a girl says she likes something I'm wearing, I don't change it. I wear it often.

    RNG: Thanks for chiming in about the new look :)

    Carnealian: I have no problem with them at farm shows, rodeos, and things like that. Just very out of place at a ballgame. And I actually wondered that myself, if the person behind him could see over the hat.

    Pia: Thanks. Haha. Trophy nephew. That's very good :)
    He is definitely a character. Non-stop blog fodder, for sure.

    Carmen: Uh, no, not that I'm aware. Although I do sometimes carry a spare pair of flip-flops, in case I blow out a pair :)

  17. Oh my this is just too funny. ummm I don't know any woman who has taken that many acessories "just in case" to a sporting event. And I loved the "be a woman!" comment.

    You would have made the perfect ring bearer, I'm sure. It's sad though that the window of opportunity for that job is so short. When I got married the Pastor told us that our chosen ring bearer was too young and that our flower girl was too old. We assured him that all would work out well as they were siblings and it did. Darly is a bit on the old side for her job, but I think that those age restrictions have loosened up quite a bit now.

    We bought some fake rose petals at WalMart last night and she has been practicing. She so super excited.

  18. . . . might be a redneck

    ant that's not a bad thing - I come from a long time of 'em.

  19. Well, she was actually doing me a favor, as I don't think I had a single friend even slightly interested in going. And the truth comes out. :)

    I know, I know, I have a date with the TV tonight. Wow, it's been a long time since that happened! And um, on what channel can I find this 24?

  20. Oh my. Words fail.

    I do like the gray though..

  21. sometimes the blog posts DO write themselves. i love when that happens. :)

    as for the gray? maybe it's because i see enough of it in the skies here but it's kind of gloomy for a fun-loving fella like yourself.

  22. Bone,

    I really like the new colors. Much easier on the eyes. :)

    I am still stumped as to why your friend would bring 4 hats, and especially cowboy hats. I mean, variety is all good and well but that was just bizarre. And that is sooo funny about the heel breaking off. It truly sounds like it wasn't his day.


  23. I like the grey... it's not making my headache worse so that's a good sign. :)

    you don't wear cowboy hats in 'bama??? geez... I'm way off on my souther culture!

  24. Renee: Yes, maybe, maybe, I could see if it was like a week-long vacation. Maybe.

    As for me, I guess it's always a groomsman, never a ring bearer :)

    East: There may be a Jeff Foxworthy joke in this story somewhere :)

    TC: It's tonight at 8:00 Central. I left a comment on your blog, too :)

    Burg: Thanks.

    Sizzle: Well, I needed something a little easier on the eyes. I hope the gray doesn't serve to depress anyone though.

    Circe: Thanks. I agree. I'm stumped, too. Like I said, I don't think there's any possible explanation. *hugs*

    DCChick: Well, a few people do. Just not to ballgames. And thanks. I think I'll stick with the gray for a little while.

  25. Covering all the bases are you? ;)

  26. TC: Hah. I believe Bone commented and said he LOVED it in the ladies room, and wanted to permanently live there.

    Or something like that.

    Bone: Yeah, if I tell you I like something on you, I would sincerely hope you'd at least wash it once or twice. Maybe even go and buy a few more to match, in assorting colours?

    Just a hint...

  27. Oh, Bone, I hope your friend didn't think you were being a tad judgmental or critical. I mean, it can be hard to decide what to wear, and after all, hats don't take up too much space, do they?

    However, it IS too bad he didn't have another pair of shoes. And NO, I would NOT have destroyed the other heel. Heels can be repaired, depending on the ratio of the cost of the repair to the cost of the shoes.

    I like the blog color. Gray is always good. I play with mine quite a bit--it fills a void left by not being able to rearrange the furniture in our house.

  28. Bone did say he rather enjoyed the ladies room.

    Of course, what guy wouldn't? To get a little insight to the minds of ladies everywhere (or two ladies in particular, but let's not get technical)...

  29. Oh my. That's too damn funny. You girly men.

  30. Now THIS was funny. The hat, then the boot followed by the four hats... to the outside world, that would sound EXTREMELY fitting for any stereotypical images that exist. Glad you pointed out that it definitely ISN'T the norm.

  31. TC: Yes, I am. Did you watch?!

    Eileen: I believe Bone's exact words were that he was getting a bit too comfortable in the ladies room. Or something like that :)

    And I base most of my fashion choices on things women say or have said.

    Actonbell: He didn't destroy the other heel. Actually, he was trying to repair the broken one on the way home. Unsuccessfully, I might add.

    Thanks, I'm liking it more and more.

    DCChick: Exactly. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can, even if that means venturing into the ladies room once in awhile :)

    Lass: Hey! I wasn't the one who lost a heel.

    JMo: I really didn't realize how funny it all was until I got home and was recounting the day to someone. Then it hit me.

  32. I did.

    I said I would. Where's the trust, Bone? ;)

  33. I believe Bone's exact words were that he was getting a bit too comfortable in the ladies room. Or something like that :)

    Didn't get that memo. Therefore what I said still stands.

    You. Love. It.

    :cheesy grin:

  34. Why I'm doing this I don't know, but perhaps it's because I'm anal retentive and MUST know the truth of what was really said... and because I hate the project I'm doing for work right now.

    Either way, what Bone said, word for word, was, "Eileen: Yes, I think I'm beginning to get a bit too comfortable in the ladies room :)"

    Don't believe me? The MEMO.

  35. Eileen: I'll have to direct you to my legal counsel, TC ;-)

    (And yes I love it. But shhhh.)

    TC: May I retain you as my legal counsel? :o)

  36. I'm sitting here at work, laughing hysterically at Axl and his hats and my boss wanted to know what I was laughing at so I showed her. She thought it was a funny story too. Now let's hope I won't get into trouble for being on the Internet. :-)

    I like the grey. White on Black was hurting my eyes.

  37. TC: Shhhh! You need to stick up for the chicks!!

    Bone: Your secret is s-a-f-e with m-e. Anything else you want to share?

  38. Legal counsel, huh?

    What all would this entail? Proving what you said to fellow bloggers? Sure thing. Keeping you out of trouble from the "big boys?" No can do. We'll negotiate. You call me.


    Sorry, E, but I HAD to know what was said!I'm weird like that...

  39. Btw, Bone, as your legal counsel the FIRST thing I would advise would be to NOT just say the EXACT thing that you were previously being accused for! Don't you know? You're supposed to keep your mouth shut until your legal counsel (i.e. me) tells you what you can/cannot say so as to not further incriminate yourself.

    Sheesh. And I'm not even the one that watches TV! ;)

  40. Okay, okay.

    So. You folks out in 'Bama don't walk around sportin' cowboy hats... but you do wear shit-kickers.

    Okay. First down.

    Us women don't break off the heel on our shoe if one breaks off. That's just on TV.

    Second down.

  41. Xinh: Haha. That made my day. And as far as I know, no one has ever been fired while reading IYROOBTY. Let's keep that streak alive!

    Eileen: No. Let's stick with one confession per post, maximum :)

    TC: Oh, so I can't say anything unless you're present? Yeah, that would never work :)

    Blondie: So you're telling me Mentos commercials aren't real life???