Monday, September 13, 2004

Listen Up!

I've been sitting here all morning waiting for my 3 Musketeers bar to rise off the desk, like it does in the commercial...

Jason Alexander's new sitcom starts a week from today, Monday, September 20, on CBS. I saw a promo for it yesterday during one of the football games. Malcolm-Jamal Warner is gonna be in it! Just when I was ready to put him on the next season of Surreal Life. I tell you what, is it just me, or is he looking a bit like Lennox Lewis these days?

We watched Serendipity last night. It was on TBS. I really like that movie. What I didn't realize until last night was that the book in the movie is "Love In The Time Of Cholera." Longtime readers of IYROOBTY will immediately (or not) recognize that title from this blog entry. That was my result when I took the What Book Are You quiz. It was a little eerie for some reason. As soon as he opened the book in the movie, I remembered that quiz and got chills. Man, I love New York. I wonder if stuff like that really happens.

After that, we watched a bizarre Whose Line Is It Anyway. They had this one skit where they switched personalities. One of them was Elvis, one was Richard Simmons, and one was Scooby Doo. I tell you what, when they started doing that dog voice, I lost it. I could barely breathe, I was laughing so hard. Then, Drew brought out the real Richard Simmons, and they used him in a couple of skits, which led to utter hilarity, as one might imagine.

On a bad note, the 'Boys lost yesterday, 35-17, which happened to be the biggest blowout of the day in the NFL. Ugh. I'll leave you with these:

Woman Fired For Having Kerry Sticker On Car

How totalitarian of you. That's a local story, too, right here in my hometown!

Bad Tipper Arrested

"I think you got a piece of my heart on your face. What a shame to let it waste. How does it taste?"


  1. Your quote is a little gross when you think about it =)

  2. Unless you're Hannibal Lechter.

    I think it's figurative.. or maybe it's literal. Who knows? :-)