Monday, September 27, 2004

3.2 Minutes Per Day

No, that is not how much time I spend in deep thought. That is how many cell phone minutes I can spare. I have 16 daytime minutes to last thru Friday, so if you call me this week, I probably won't answer. Leave a message and I'll call you back from someone else's phone. If I do answer, talk fast! I don't plan on paying the $75/minute overage charges.

Whatever happened to Chili Davis?
I was playing Twins vs. Giants on RBI Baseball last night. (As disturbing as that is...) Man, that brought back a lot of Chris Berman nicknames. Bert "be home" Blyleven. Kirby "Union Gap" Puckett. Kent "buy a vowel" Hrbek. Jose "game-winning" Uribe. Good times.

Maureen McCormick, I love you!
Jess came over last night after church. We ordered pizza, watched the Brady Bunch reunion, and played Super Mario Bros. Good news! I found the warp to world 8-1! There's a vine on 4-2 you have to find. A vine! Of course! How did I forget that? In other news, why did/does blowing on the games make them work? lol

I'll be watching the Cowboys on MNF tonight!

And Seinfeld Returns To NBC For Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving To Me! DVDs come out November 23rd. Hint hint ;-)

Random funnies:
"You need to work on your Mario-control."

"You have serious video game rage."

"We went walking in the rain, talking about the pain, from the world we hid. Now there ain't nobody, nowhere, no how, could ever understand me the way you did..."

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