Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A Gilligan theme

When did getting new furniture and home decor become so exciting for me? When did the first channels I check after ESPN become The History Channel and A&E? When did spending time with family become so important to me? What happened to my life? I wanna party like it's 1999. What?! It's already been 1999?! Nooooooooo!!!!

Today's blog entry has a Gilligan's Island theme. So just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...

A three hour tour nap...
The excitement began around 5:30 yesterday afternoon when I laid down in the bed to relax and watch SportsCenter. I woke up at 8:45 to 4 missed calls and the final table of the World Series of Poker. Wow, I must have been tired. Anyway, I got up, threw a frozen pizza in the oven, ate and watched Greg Raymer win the WSOP, another internet qualifier, just like Moneymaker. (I always think of Pennypacker when I say that.)

The weather started getting rough...
I-65 converted to northbound-only to help evacuation

Looks like Ivan is preparing to wreak havoc on our state. I-65 South is closed from Montgomery to Mobile. That is going to make getting to the beach quite a challenge. Seriously though, I hope and pray everyone will be safe and that it won't be as bad as they think. They are calling for flooding and possible power outages here, but nothing like those people who live near the coast. They may not even have a home left when they return. Hopefully, everyone will take shelter and be OK. Sure puts the few inches of rain that we might get in perspective.

The tiny ship kid was tossed...
Man Drops Baby Onto Highway During Chase

That was a scary video. I'm sure many of you saw it. The baby is OK, and the dude crashed into a roadblock and killed himself, apparently. It looked like he was just throwing the baby out to slow down police. Maybe he found a little decency and decided to let the baby go.

The millionaire and his, wives?
Stanford AD Apologizes To BYU For Halftime Show

I think we're all getting a little too sensitive here. If you can't make fun of polygamists, who can you make fun of anymore? Geesh.

"Ain't it funny how a melody, can bring back a memory, take you to another place and time, complete change your state of mind?"

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