Monday, September 06, 2004

Leaving Labor Day behind...

Poignant title, doncha think? Well, the summer days are fleeting. Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day. Summer doesn't officially end until later this month, but it more or less runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Part of me just wants to reach out and grab these long, beautiful days, and save them. But part of me is ready for the falling leaves and the chilly air. Fall is a time of change.

I missed grilling out today. Mom's family used to always get together for just about every holiday somewhere, but they seem to do that less and less the past couple of years. I miss those times. As soon as I'm better, I'm going to grill me some burgers! TBS had a Seinfeld marathon on all day, so I watched a few of those. Thank you, Ted Turner. I have enjoyed watching football most all weekend, as well. Bama won easily Saturday night, but it's hard to know much until they play some tougher teams. A few of us went in and got the game on pay-per-view. It was just good to see those crimson jerseys on the field again. I see Miss Memphis is talking trash already. I believe that one comment was directed at me. lol

OK, last question: Does anyone have any foot knowledge? Any podiatrists out there reading this? I think I may have an infection in my foot. The swelling in my ankle has gone down a good bit and my ankle really doesn't hurt too much, but the top of my foot burns like fire. And I had a little fever earlier today, so I'm thinking it's some kind of infection. Almost anytime I stand up, the top of my foot just burns and burns, and sometimes it starts burning while I'm just sitting here. Can you even get infection in your foot? Well, my doctor's appointment is Thursday, but I may call tomorrow and see what they say. I have to be better by Saturday. Can't miss another game ;-) I'm tired of being laid up. My sister had to bring me some groceries by the other day. What am I, 80 years old?

"Gonna do my dreamin' with my eyes wide open. I'll do my lookin' back with my eyes closed. We can do some living, or spend our whole life hoping, but in the end we're left with the one we chose..."


  1. Well, I know a little from massage.

    Okay, so if it's burning, that means nerve damage, or pinched nerves. Tenderness usually enquires muscle inflammation or infection.
    So, since it burns, it's most likely to deal with nerves in your foot, which were probably affected from the swelling, more so than the actual injury.


  2. Thanks :-)

    It's tender, too. And it burns. And it hurts. And it's stiff. Wah wah wah!