Friday, September 17, 2004

New Sports Chanizzles

I think the worst thing about being a beetle would be knowing your whole life that if you ever get flipped on your back, that's it! You're finished. But I wonder if beetles even know this. I don't think that they do, because if they did, surely when they saw another beetle helplessly on its back, legs flailing, they'd be a lot more careful. I just think it would really be crappy to know that at anytime a gust of wind could come along, flip you over, and you're thru.

Well, I came home today to a nice surprise. New cable channels. This is one of the happier days in the life of a man. Charter has added ESPN News, Fox Sports World, Fox College Sports, NFL TV, Fuel (whatever that is), and a couple other Fox Sports Channels. Woohoo! I'm basking in the cathode rays, babee!

Stopped by to feed the dog on my way in today and found another little surprise. No, not that kind of surprise. The winds from Ivan had knocked like half of the tree down in the backyard at Dad's. OK, really it's just one gargantuan branch, but seriously, it's like at least a third of the tree. Time to crank up the ol' Husqvarna!! Sam was huddled up in his house. I think Ivan freaked him out. Poor thing.

Hey, I grilled up a couple of cheeseburgers last night for supper, since we never lost power here. They were pretty good, even though my stomach didn't feel so good later. Ugh. Looks like the Alabama game will be played as scheduled tomorrow night. There's a chance I may have a couple extra tickets to the game, for regular price or very close to it. So, shoot me an email or gimme a call if you're interested.

Oh yeah, here's one of the big stories of the day I guess. I'll leave the comments to you: Kobe admitted to having mistress in police interview

Random funnies:
J: "What's that old city that was underwater?"
K: "Atlantis."
J: "Yeah. I was thinking Acropolis for some reason."
K: "Acropolis? What's that from, Batman or Superman or something?"
J: "No, that's Metropolis."
(Does that not sound like it's straight out of a Seinfeld script?)

"Ninja Gaiden for $12.99! That's gotta be a misprint." (Lots of fun can be had at Rhino Games on a weeknight.)

"But you'll just sit tight, and watch it unwind. It's only what you're asking for. And you'll be just fine, with all of your time. It's only what you're waiting for..."


  1. Hey, we're playing that song at Riverfest on Sunday afternoon from 3-4 pm.

    Come check it out.!

  2. Ya, but if the beetle gets flipped on it's back when it's on the beach, at least it'll get a good tan before it dies!

    I'm Back! I'll tell ya all about it soon.

  3. Glad you made it back. I've missed the sarcasm ;-) Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  4. I think we're past being disappointed by professional athletes and other celebrities any longer. Well, maybe still disappointed, but not surprised.