Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ivan updates...

3:55 PM
Pink Pony Pub Survives Ivan

You know what that means, the David Hasselhoff-look-a-like bartender lives to serve another day! I wonder if their beach cam is still up.

3:16 PM
I-10 Bridge Washed Out Near Pensacola

This all hits so close to home. I made it home from work OK. The wind is really strong, making driving fairly dangerous. The power is still on here. I was pleasantly surprised. It has been out though, because my alarm clock was flashing. Looks like the storm did finally start veering northeast.

Current conditions:
Heavy rain
Temp: 71 degrees
Wind: NNE 29 mph

1:23 PM
Here's a frequently updated weblog from with storm updates, damage reports, power outages, etc.

Looks like much of Birmingham has lost power. I'm sure that does not bode well for this area. The power at our tower site has already gone out twice this morning. I just got back from lunch. The wind has really picked up. No deaths reported so far in Alabama, so that is definitely wonderful news. The forecasters keep saying it is going to turn northeastward, but thusfar it seems to be churning almost due north. Blogging 'til the lights go out...

Current conditions:
Heavier rain
Temp: 72 degrees
Wind: NE 31 mph

"Go on. Go on. You were sayin' how a fool can only fool you so long. It's true. It's so true. When they do you like that, what else you can do but go on..."

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