Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Do you like to watch?

Being cooped up most all weekend, I watched more TV than I have in a long, long time. The best football game I saw was the LSU/Oregon State game on Saturday night, but it was also the most heartbreaking. Oregon State played a great game. I can't believe their kicker missed like three extra points. That's absolutely pathetic. LSU needs a QB. Everyone was saying they were going to win easily, but I kept telling them Randall wasn't any good. I remember a couple of years ago when someone got hurt and he had to play, he struggled. So either he's got to find some confidence fast and prove himself or the freshman, Russell, is gonna have to play.

Other interesting things I watched this weekend:
-Allison Fisher vs. Karen Corr WPBA Finals from Peoria, Illinois. (Alli won 7-2!!)
-The movie "The Great Gatsby" was on Sunday. Mia Farrow was supposed to be in it, but I didn't see him ;-)
-"Riverman" last night on A&E. It was about Ted Bundy and solving the Green River killings. The guy who played Bundy was the same guy who played David Lookner on Seinfeld (Cary Elwes).
-There was a blogging forum on C-Span the other day. Seriously. I watched a few minutes of it. It was quite geeky, though.
-The ESPN 25th Anniversary Special last night. I love how Chris Berman never does SportsCenters anymore, but anytime something special is going on, he gets to come back and be the main guy. Anyway, it was great seeing the bloopers and highlights of all the old anchors, and the old This Is SportsCenter commercials.

Speaking of that, I got like 8 or 9 hits from searches for Tom Mees last night, after they aired that piece on him. So apparently, lots of people were watching. I think that has now surpassed the Miss Universe Wardrobe Malfunction as the top search string for my blog over the past week.

In other news, I got my doctor's appointment moved up a day, to tomorrow at 1:45.

"Freedom's just another word for nothing to lose. Nothing ain't worth nothing, but it's free..."


  1. Good luck with the doctor tomorrow. Sounds like you might have an infection in your foot, but let's hope not.

    kerry - webgrits.net