Thursday, September 02, 2004

When does a nap become a coma?

"...considers all moments, big or mundane, as fodder for his blog." I like that statement. That pretty much sums it all up right there.

Hard to believe it is already Thursday, huh? I don't know what got into me yesterday, but I fell asleep on the couch around 4:30 and didn't wake up until 8:30! I've been getting in the bed at a decent hour. I think maybe I'm not resting great at night or something.

On my way home from work yesterday, I caught the very end of "She Drives Me Crazy" by Fine Young Cannibals. Crap! They should really send out the bat signal or something when they play that song, so I won't miss it. That would be neat if you could pre-program a list of songs into a device which would continaully scan all channels and alert you when one of your pre-selected songs came on the radio. Or way too complicated. Whichever.

This week has really flown by. Jess has been a big help this week. She cooked dinner Monday night, red beans and rice. Mmm... cajun! Then she cleaned my entire apartment, like cleaner than it has ever been. I should probably move now, while I can get the entire security deposit back. I just feel pretty helpless these days. I'm ready to be back on my feet. Sorry I've had to lean on you way too hard.

Ordered pizza Tuesday night. Got to watch Trading Spouses. Many of you know I pretty much can't stand reality TV, but for some reason, that show intrigues me. Doesn't look like I'm gonna be healed enough to go to the Bama game Saturday. My sister called today and said she found one of her friends who wanted to go. You have no idea how bad I hate to miss the first game, but it's a lot of walking and a lot of steps and well, maybe I'll be able to go next week.

Random funnies:
"Shane, can't you take a few minutes and google her for me?"

"I think of you everytime I see a Zoloft commercial. Stupid thing has eggs and butterflies. What's up with that?"
"When you take one, you'll understand."

"Come stand a little bit closer, breathe in and get a bit higher. You'll never know what hit you when I get to you. Ooo I want you, I don't know if I need you, but ooo I'd die to find out..."


  1. I'm not a huge reality fan, but I find myself strangely interested in The Bachelorette. I don't like the Bachelor at all, but it's completely different watching the guys getting all catty and fighting over the girl. Everyone at work was crazy about The Apprentice last season, so I think I'll give that one a try when it starts again.

    Kerry -

  2. I sure am sorry you are having to miss your game babe. I know it just kills you. I hope you have enjoyed the meals I have attempted to cook for you, I know it's not as good as your mom would do but hopefully I will get better in time. It's been nice taking care of you but don't get used to the special attention =) Just kidding, hope you have a great day, Love ya


  3. Maybe the reason I don't get into certain shows is because I feel like they require a commitment to be there and watch every week at a certain time. I don't like to be tied down. The exception, of course, being "General Hospital."


  4. That's why we have TiVo :) We'd even TiVo the Bama game...if it was on TV, that is. *grr*