Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Billions and billions served

I am reminded of the bit Seinfeld does about McDonald's. To paraphrase: "Why is McDonald's still counting? 40 billion. 50 billion. 99 trillion. We get the idea. You've sold a lot of hamburgers. We're all very impressed. How about just putting on the sign, McDonald's, We're Doing Very Well?" Earlier today, If You Read Only One Blog This Year welcomed its one millionth visitor. Wait, no, it's one hundred thousandth visitor. No, that's not exactly right, I believe it was the ten thousandth visitor. Yes. Congratulations to IP address You were the ten thousandth visitor here at IYROOBTY. (I gotta shorten the name to something else.) I wish I had a prize to give you, but I don't. Other than the FBI now has your IP address. What?

I know it's not a lot, but numbers don't really matter anyway. I just enjoy blogging. I appreciate you reading, and I really look forward to your comments about what I post. That just makes it more fun. I was looking back thru the archives today, from last November. Sometimes I think I blogged better and was funnier then. I dunno. The first full month on blogspot, I got a little over 700 visitors. Last month, it was nearly 1400. Which brings me to my other point, and question:

How did you first come across my blog? I know some people came over from the link on and some from my AOL page. But I was just curious as to how you found it. What were you searching for? I'd be very interested to know ;-)

"And we always say, that it would be good to go away, someday. Yeah but if there's nothing there to make things change, if it's the same to you, I'll just hang. The same to you, I'll always hang..."


  1. I first started visiting your blog when I did a search for something like "boyfriend+Allison Fisher" haha, but you know why I was putting THOSE together, haha. Anyway, your blog came up in the search, and I got to see the pic of you and Alli, then I commented in your blog, and the rest is history I suppose!

    Leaving for Florida tomorrow, so *waves* *HUGS* take care JEFFROW!! YOU BETTER BE GOOD WHILE I'M GONE. Not that you could really run away if you were bad, haha.

    See ya when I get back...oh, and did you EXPECT any other outcome than for Alli to win? She had a very classy intro "we are great compe'itors an' will be fo'w a few years yet, an' we will battle it out for that beautiful trophy ovaa thaer" BRITS. You know what she really meant "Eat my dust, CORR--you are going DOWN like a flush in the toilet." (:


  2. Does your site stats include the search phrases? Mine does, and I see some of the strangest things. Sometimes I wish I didn't know :)

    kerry -

  3. Oh yes. Once in awhile I'll get a scary one. lol Always entertaining to look thru those though.

    PS - Have fun in Florida, Deaner! Be careful.

  4. Well, I had a rash on my, well, anyway, and I was linked to your site...what?