Thursday, September 30, 2004

The last day of Wreck-tember

I just love that insurance commercial (not sure the company), but the guy is like, "And then there's September, which I like to refer to as Wreck-tember." That's my kind of humor.

Tonight's entry is brought to you by the letter R and the number 4.

R is for random. It's all random. It's all good.
One more day to go on the cell phone fast. I'm like Hakeem Olajuwon during Ramadan over here. Or not like that at all. Whichever.

Went to Wal-Mart today after work. While looking at the toys, I remember pondering, "Is the Etch-a-Sketch the only thing Ohio Art ever gave us?" I mean, it was nice, but did they not try some other things? Well, I'm glad I asked. Here are some lesser-known Ohio Art projects:
1. Etch-a-tatoo
2. Etch-a-visa
3. Etch-a-diploma
4. Etch-a-blood-test
5. Etch-a-dollar

Bought a card and a couple of gifts for Mom today. Her birthday is Sunday. Then went to Rhino and finally bought Tecmo Super Bowl (Marv Albert voice:"Yes!!"), since I did get paid today :-) Hmm, I should take a picture of that and post a screen shot for your enjoyment.

Among the more disturbing things I could tell you about myself (and there are many) is that I actually called in Sunday night to vote on the new Danny Partridge on VH-1. Ugh. I did. I called in to vote. How sad is that. What happened to me? I used to be cool. Sure, not in a popular sort of way, but in an Eric Foreman kind of way.

A lot of songs get stuck in my head for no apparent reason. "Carol of the Bells" gets stuck in my head all the freakin' time, as those who know me will readily attest, I'm sure. For some reason, that "Time of My Life" song from Dirty Dancing or whatever also gets stuck in my head a lot, too. Weirdness.

Little Old Lady From Pasadena?
Finally, as I was turning into the BAM/Office Depot shopping center today, something frightening was awaiting me. For those who aren't from around here, let me explain how the parking lot is set up. There are two lanes going in and two lanes going out, and they are divided by a raised, grassy median with trees on it, so once you choose your side, that's it. Well, as I turned in, there was this little old lady coming right at me at 7 miles per hour, going the wrong way. I wish I would've had my camera to take pictures of the turmoil she caused, as it was about 3:30 PM in Decatur.

"If you hear teardrops, falling like rain on the rooftops. If you don't know what you're listening to, this is me missing you. If you see lonely, clear skies turning stormy. Lightning strikes and all you see is blue. This is me missing you..."

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