Sunday, September 26, 2004

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Don't miss The Brady Bunch 35 year reunion tonight at 9:00 Central on TVLand! (Did I really just say that?) An all-day Brady marathon is on as well.

Blogging away from deep in the NFL badlands... Be thankful you're not here. We get stuck watching the Falcons every freakin' Sunday. Today, it's Falcons vs. Cardinals. What an intriguing matchup. And then sometimes the Saints or Buccaneers are on as well. Ugh. Fortunately, the CBS affiliate is usually showing the Titans.

I'm also very entranced by this Pete Rose movie they are replaying today on ESPN. Even though their movies (Bob Knight, Junction Boys) are generally exaggerated and you can't really be sure what is fact and what is just thrown in, it's still interesting to me to see any point of view of the Pete Rose story. So it looks like it pretty much comes down to Paul Janzen sold everybody out to save his own tail. That's a shame.

When I got home from work yesterday, the landlord was standing outside and was like, "I didn't know you were famous." I was like, "What?" He commenced to tell a story about his mother calling him in Virginia and telling him about the story that was in the paper. lol We talked softball a bit, and he said I shouldn't retire just yet, so I guess that means I'm not. You don't have to tell me twice.

The game was not fun. Things went OK for 3 quarters, then things fell apart. It's frustrating. My sister called last night. She was like, "I was gonna call earlier, but I didn't figure you wanted to talk to anyone after the game." So true. Clearly, it's gonna be a tough year with Croyle out. Add that to the fact that we're basically running the ball now 75% of the time, and it becomes predictable, if not boring.

Went up to Applebees to hang out for a bit last night. About 3/4 of the way thru my meal, you-know-who trots out. That makes me just want to walk behind the bar, stick my arm into the blender, turn it on high, and then drink it. We've seriously gotta start eating somewhere else.

Also ran by Books-a-Million. Ran into Debra yet again. Picked up a preseason basketball magazine. They've got Bama ranked 14th, 1st in the SEC West. We don't seem to do well with high expectations though. I do think Chuck Davis will surprise this year inside. He really blossomed in the NCAA tournament last season.

Random funnies:
"If I ever had a mind to go on a shooting rampage, this would be a good place to start."

"I feel violated."

"Call Charity over. You have something to talk to her about."
"What? I saw your video. Uhh... I don't know what to say after that."

"Nothing has been all right, since Bruce Springsteen, Madonna. Way before Nirvana, there was U2, and Blondie, and music still on MTV. Her two kids in high school tell her that she’s uncool. Cos she's still preoccupied, with 19, 19, 1985..."

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