Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Cell Phone Compton

If you know the difference between Slippery Pete and Prickly Pete, then we should be friends ;-)

How 'bout them Cowboys:
Not much going on around here. Enjoyed a relaxing evening at home last night. Watched the Cowboys beat the 'Skins 21-18! Wow, that first quarter took a little over an hour. Watched the second ep of "Listen Up" before that. It was pretty good.

15 Minutes To Go:
Why did I still get like five calls on my cell phone yesterday after blogging that I could not answer? lol I managed to only use one minute yesterday, so I have 15 with 4 days to go. Oh, go ahead, laugh it up. But this is how it was in the old days, before 1000 anytime minutes. Back in the mid-90s, my mother only had 30 minutes a month. Total! So that's how I grew up. It was like Cell Phone Compton. Sure, it was tough, but it has well prepared me for weeks like this. I can see me telling my kids, "When I was growing up, we didn't even have camera phones."

Misty May I:
I thought I would share with you a few chicks that I try to catch whenever they're on TV, some that maybe aren't so obvious, just because:
Misty May - Or Misty May I, as I like to say. (I'm not even sure what that means.)
Maria Sharapova - You already know about us.. er, her.
Olivia d'Abo - Ever since I saw The Big Green, I've been entranced. "Her bouquet cleaved his hardened shell, and fondled his muscled heart."
Stephnie Weir - I know most of you will probably think this is weird. She can look a little strange, but sometimes she looks really hot, and there's more to her than just looks. Plus, a chick with a sense of humor is hot anyway.

Are you offended when I say "chick"? Oh yeah, I picked up Springsteen's Born In The USA at Wal-Mart Saturday for $9.72. I only had the cassette. lol So, lots of Boss lyrics in the coming days, I'm sure.

"We just sit around talking about the old times. She says when she feels like crying, she's start laughing. Laughing about glory days..."

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