Friday, May 07, 2004

You might be a redneck...

If you've ever put gas in your car from the gas can for the lawnmower. If you used a funnel to do it, that's even worse. If you MADE your own funnel, well then there is no doubt. Apologies to Foxworthy, but someone just told me they were about to do that today, and I found it funny. And yes, I have done it :-)

Looks like the Friday Five is no more. First, Friends and Frasier. Now, the Friday Five. I guess there's nothing left for me to do but fly up to Niagra Falls and recreate that waterfall scene from "The Fugitive." What?

Recapping my day... I went for a run yesterday after work. Ran to Wal-Mart to get a Mothers Day card and a few other things. Sawed off my right arm to exchange for a few gallons of gas. (For real!) Got a ham & cheese sandwich and nachos from Cardinal and spent the rest of the evening at home. Watched Friends, etc. I have to work Saturday :-\ Must go get fitted for my tux for my sister's wedding this weekend, as well. The fun rarely stops 'round here. Don't forget your mother this weekend ;-)

Random funny (courtesy of K):
"We talked for about forty minutes... about everything EXCEPT what she was doing this weekend."

Was watching "The Nose Job" last night. One of my favorite parts is when Jerry begs Kramer to give the girl's phone number back and he throws the pieces of paper it was on into the air, and Jerry is like on his knees trying to piece them back together. Kramer is standing there shouting at him:

"Look at you! Look at what you've sunk to! Look at what you've become! Look in the mirror, cos you need help, Jerry. You need help, because I can't stand by and do it anymore. It's turning my stomach! I can't stand around here watching you destroy yourself. It's eating me up inside!"

Then Kramer walks out and slams the door and two seconds later he comes right back in to get some cereal and a bowl. ROFL

"So when you're in doubt and needing someone, baby, call my line, call me anytime. I'll be there for you. I've been searching high. I've been searching low. Baa ba ba ba, baa ba ba ba baby, don't forget my number..."

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