Monday, May 17, 2004

In De Yungle, De Wild Yungle, De Lion Sleeps Tonight

Sometimes I just want to go Crazy Joe and Soup Nazi on this phone all at once. I want to take a hatchet and smash it to tiny pieces, then mail the pieces to the descendants of Alexander Graham Bell with a note that says "Here's what I think of your little invention!!!" Serenity now!!!

(sigh) Much better. So, how was your weekend? Not bad here. Starred in my own personal version of Meet The Parents Saturday night at the Guadalajara Grill. Nothing like a mariachi band singing Sweet Home Alabama. Or The Lion Sleeps Tonight. "In de yungle, de wild yungle.." Oh man, that was funny.

Got a nice treat yesterday as the local Fox affiliate aired a couple of Michelle Pfeiffer movies. That's like Christmas in May for me. Glad to see the Pistons and Kings win yesterday. There for awhile, all my teams were going down faster than the SS Minnow.

Went to Applebees after church last night. Sat with Beth. She was all like "I haven't seen you in forever." I heard that a lot this weekend, since I had taken a two week hiatus from the place. Kyle and Kristina had their camera phones out in full effect. Sheesh, I'll kinda be glad when those things get banned, or at least the novelty wears off. Everywhere you turn there's a phone in your face. Kyle is all like trying to show me baby pictures he has taken with his camera. I'm like dude, you need a girlfriend or something.

Oh, we were watching SNL the other night, and Jimmy Fallon said it was his final night. (No, not his final night on the face of the Earth, his final night on the show.) That's the first I heard about that. I guess he's off to the land of short-lived sitcoms and less than successful movies.

Saw a little boy waiting on the school bus this morning on my way to work. His little brown puppy had followed him to the road and was jumping on him. It was sooo cute. It made me remember a time when I was young, and I couldn't have a dog because my parents didn't want to fool with one. So I never got to experience the joy and warmth that comes from having a pet. Therefore I grew up cold and distant and dysfunctional, a bit capricious, with a fear of commitment and fear of letting go. And it's all because I never had a dog when I was little. I'm sorry. Was that out loud?

Today, let's close with a random completely normal haiku:

Life is simply this
Michelle Pfeiffer, I love you
You're so hot to me

(I know you're counting syllables with your fingers. I was, too.)

"And if you said this life ain't good enough, I would give my world to lift you up. I could change my life to better suit your mood, because you're so smooth..."

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