Saturday, May 08, 2004

It's gettin' hot in hur

Well, the air went out at home. I kept noticing it was getting a bit toasty today and the central unit was not cutting off at all. I checked the inside temp and it was like 80, and kept climbing and getting hotter and hotter. I had the thermostat set about 73. The temp outside topped out at about 90 today. So, needless to say, I have been sweating like Donald Rumsfeld undergoing intense congressional questioning. I think I probably sweated off about five pounds today :-) Anyway, I'm at work now. It's actually kinda nice, since I have air here. Might just stay the night here at the compound... or not.

Today was the first day in I don't know how long that I didn't have to set my alarm clock to get up. Watched "Down Periscope" for like the fifth time. It was on TV. So was Kelsey Grammer not ever in any other movies? I can't remember any. "Naked Gun 2 1/2" was coming on after that. I find Leslie Nielsen to be rather hilarious. Watched just a few minutes of that. "Read" some of the Reds game online. It has been really nice out the past few days. Got out and washed the truck today. Tried out this new blue coral foam pad thing. It worked great for about half the truck, then it ran out of soap. Probably go back to the old traditional ripped up old tshirt and car wash solution in a bucket full of water next time. And of course, it's always nice to have car care expert J.W. Namie to consult. When I got done washing the truck, I took a shower. But when I got out, I immediately went back to sweating because it was so hot in there.

Well, I don't have much else. Shot pool and ate at Logan's last night. It was pretty sweet because Brandie comped my tea. For some reason, she charged K for his lemonade. That was pretty funny, since he always has to sit with her. I tried to get a picture of the Shane lookalike, who has transferred from Applebees to Logan's. He walked out into the lobby, so I got K's camera phone and sauntered over to get a toothpick and see if I could inconspicuously snap a picture, but he had left. That was pretty funny, in an odd sort of way. I promise he is Shane's long-lost identical twin.

Weekend funnies:
"Either way, I think it's best if we just stay here."

"Look at these red bumps that have come up on my arm."
"Eww, what is that? Hepatits? Syphilis?"
"I don't know. Chlamydia?"

"Now I come to you with open arms. Nothing to hide. Believe what I say. So here I am with open arms, hoping you'll see, what your love means to me..."

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