Thursday, May 13, 2004

How to tell if you have a girlfriend (Four easy questions)

I was watching "The Virgin" last night. Love this Jerry/George exchange:

J: What's your phone call frequency? Are you on a daily?
G: No, Semi-daily. Four or five times a week.
J: What about Saturday nights? Do you have to ask her out, or is the date implied?
G: Implied.
J: She got anything in your medicine cabinet?
G: There might be some moisturizer.
J: Aha. Let me ask you this: Is there any Tampax in your house?
G: Yeah.
J: Well, I'll tell you what you've got here. You got yourself a girlfriend.
G: Ahh, no. No. Are you sure? A girlfriend?
J: I'm looking at a guy on a semi-daily with tampax in his house and an implied date on Saturday night. I would like to help you out, but...

That is great. A very underrated episode, I think. Not much happening today. Raining off and on. Looks like we may try out the new billiards place tonight. Everyone is invited. I imagine it will happen around 7ish. Shoot me an e or gimme a call if you wanna come. This is gonna be great, the next best thing to a weekend-long TVLand "Welcome Back, Kotter" marathon.

I'll leave you with one more funny exchange from last night's episode. George and Kramer discussing ordering some Chinese food:

G: I'll tell you what. Why don't we just get a couple of dishes and we'll just share 'em?
K: OK. What are you getting?
G: I'm gonna get a Chow Fung.
K: What's a Chow Fung?
G: It's a broad noodle.
K: What do you mean, a broad noodle?
G: It's a big, flat noodle.
K: Well I don't want a big, flat noodle.
G: What kind of noodle do you want?
K: Who says I want a noodle?
G: Alright, look. I'm getting the Chow Fung. You don't have to have any.
K: Alright. I'll get pea pods and you can't have any of my pea pods :-D

"I never liked the rain until I walked thru it with you. Every thunder cloud that came was one more I might not get thru..."

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