Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Evermore Rising Cost of Driving

For I am but a lonely soul, sitting barefoot on a deserted beach, and her memory is like the tide. Every once in awhile, the tide comes in, and I love the feeling of the waves washing over my feet. Sometimes the sun shines. Sometimes it is cloudly. Sometimes I forget. Then I feel the water rush over my feet once more, and I smile. I remember. Then she goes back out to sea again...

I have been paying for gas exclusively with my check card the past couple of weeks. I figured up yesterday, after I filled up with $21, that since May 8, I have spent $79 on gas. What the freak! (Jackie Chile's voice) It's grievous, oppressive, outrageous!!

We went to the ballpark last night and were supposed to watch Jessica's cousin play softball. Unfortunately, it rained. But seeing all those people out there got me to thinking about calling games. I have been asked a couple of times in the past to take the test and become an umpire. It's good extra money, and I think it would be fun. Anyway, I may call Jonathan and see when they are giving the test again. He has called games for the past five or six years.

The Mango was on last night. Great ep.

K: I faked it.
J: What?
K: Yeah.
J: You faked it? Why would you do that?
K: Well you know, if it's enough already and I just wanna get some sleep.

K: You know this whole place is going downhill. I could have came in here last week with a bad plum, but I let it go. ROFL

J: So what's her name?
G: Karen.
J: Is she nice?
G: Great.
J: So you like her?
G: I think so.
J: You don't know?
G: I can't tell anymore.

"Gonna hold who needs holdin', mend what needs mendin', walk what needs walkin' though it means an extra mile. Pray what needs prayin'. Say what needs sayin', cos we're only here for a little while..."

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