Monday, May 17, 2004

Today's haul and a lesson from Dad

Single guy goes to Wal-Mart... The Five For Fighting CD was on sale for like $9.96. Also got a box of trash bags and a half dozen donuts. That was it. Am I single or what? Wal-Mart really is America, ya know. There's not many things more American than Wal-Mart.

Went to get my haircut. Tried this new place which is like two minutes from where I work. It was called Beauty Company, so it wasn't the most masculine I've ever felt, but the girl was cute and did a nice job. My hair's kinda hard to mess up though. I think I may start going there all the time. Also went to get fitted for my tux, thus spending more money I don't have.

Today I will close with a lesson from my youth. This is a story my Dad told me...

There was a boy who went off to college. His dad gave him a set amount of money and told him not to waste it, because that was all he would get for the semester. Well, after just a few weeks, the son had squandered all the money, mostly on things he didn't need, so he wrote a letter home which said, "No mon. No fun. Your son."

A few days later the son received an envelope from home. Thinking it must be some more money, he hurriedly opened it. Inside he found a letter from his father which said, "Too bad. Too sad. Your dad."

The end

I'm not sure what the lesson in that story was. But it was always a favorite of mine, along with the one about the little boy who cried wolf and the wolf ate him. Such loving, reassuring tales. Is it any wonder I turned out the way I did? Now, I can't wait to procreate myself and pass these valuable lessons along.

"I've got the brains. You've got the looks. Let's make lots of money..."

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