Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Houston, we have air!

If you blog, watch Sportscenter, and watch a Seinfeld or two, that's a full day right there...

AC is fixed at home, as of yesterday. Whew. Sorry I was such a baby for a couple of days there. I walked in from work yesterday and it was like going directly from the surface of Mercury to the cool highlands of southeastern Greenland. Well, maybe not that cool. Didn't get to enjoy it much, as I went over to Dad's to cut the grass. After that, I came home, showered, then headed to D-town. Jess and I had dinner at Princeton's. Crappy service, as per usual. Saw Jennifer M (aka Rainbow Brite), formerly from Applebees, up there. There were three older men sitting at a table across from us. Jess was like, "That's you, Kyle, and J-Mo in 20 years", as they were ethnically proportioned much like the three of us. They were all trying to flirt with RB and stuff. That's soooo not us. Oh wait.

I went to Wal-Mart to take advantage of the gas that was "only" $1.79. The attendant speaks to me, so I try to be friendly, and I'm like, "Well, you know we're in trouble when Wal-Mart gas goes over two dollars." He's like, "Yeah, except we're not Wal-Mart. We're Murphy USA." What the freak? Who cares? See if I try and be friendly next time.

Saw an interesting site as we were driving down Central Parkway, there where it intersects 2nd St., near the plumbing/accounting place (no kidding, that's an actual business). There were two cop cars and a Fast And Furious wanna-be car sitting in the parking lot of the deserted shopping center there. Or, I guess it could've been the NASCAR officials telling him his rear spoiler was too high. Geesh. Later, while switching back and forth from John Tesh to Delilah (oh, you know you listen to them, too), a commercial came on with Delilah advertising for the On Star system. I'm like, you know I don't even have automatic door locks. I don't think on-star is for me. I mean, I'm hand-cranking my window up and down, ya know.

Good news o' the day... A new billiards place opened up yesterday. It's just a couple of miles from where I work. They're advertising Brunswick tables and Simonis cloth. That's the cloth of champions. I've always wanted to play on Simonis. Oh man. What is this salty discharge coming from my eyes? This is gonna be great! They are opening Monday-Saturday 11A-11P right now. That's perfect.

Lil Booty called Sunday. Her flight from KC got delayed and she ended up spending Friday night in Chicago. Glad she's home safely though. Update your blog, girl! Otherwise, I've been slowly watching my NBA playoff picks go down the toilet.

"Fifteen, there's still time for you. Time to buy and time to lose. Fifteen, there's never a wish better than this, when you only got a hundred years to live..."

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