Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Oh man, I'm at the wrong blog again...

So, do you like the blog changes? I changed the comments yesterday. Since Blogger is now offering their own comments, I decided to go with those, and took off the Haloscan comments. That's why there's no comments on any posts prior to yesterday. Maybe when you surfed over today, you thought you were at the wrong blog again, sorta like Kramer in "The Nap" when Jerry has cabinets and a counter built in the middle of his apartment: "Oh man, I'm on the wrong floor again."

The only bad thing about the comments now is that if you're not a blogspot user, it is going to post as Anonymous, I think. But you can just type your name underneath your comment or something if you'd like :-)

I did save the old template though, so I can revert back to that one if I decide I don't like the new look. (Be nice if it was that easy with chicks.) So, new or old? Tell me. And I'll continue to tinker. It's all a journey.

"City girls just seem to find out early, how to open doors with just a smile..."


  1. I'm not sure I like these comment scripts as well as HALO's...


  2. I agree, K. Haloscan was really great. One thing I do like with the blogger comments is that they are easily deletable.

  3. dude, whats up? Yea, other than the new blog design! Hey the comments are not as quick and easy to use, but I am 28 years old now and I can almost type my name now...what? So, I will comment no matter what...plus, how could I diss a fellow blogger and friend (yes, your my friend too...remember last years birthday with kyle...
    Jeff: hi Jeremy, this is Jeff
    Jeremy: Who?
    Jeff: Jeff, Kyle's friend...well, I am your friend too.

  4. ROFL Yes, it's always nice when you call someone you've known for a couple of years to invite them to a mutual friend's birthday party, and they don't recognize you by your voice or first name. That was pretty funny.

  5. I can feel the love.

    Or something.