Monday, May 03, 2004

Life's Little Moments

When they speak of the exciting, adventurous bachelor life, somehow I don't think this is what they were talking about...

So I stop off on my way home from work today to drop off a CD for Dad. As I go to get in my truck and leave, I experience that dreaded moment where you pull up on the handle and realize the door is locked at just about exactly the same time you look inside the window and see your keys still tightly nestled in the ignition. Nice. My sister happened to be going back to work after her lunch break, and was able to unlock the door to the house and get a clothes hanger. Had she not been there, I would've been locked out of the truck and the house.

I mean, you'd think with this many years of daily driving experience, a person would no longer make these key mistakes. Fortunately, I'd left the window cracked no more than an inch. I first tried to pull the lock up, but it was one of those flimsy painted hangers and just slipped off. So then, I attempted to fish the keys out of the ignition. I was successful with that. Unfortunately, they fell off the hanger into the drink holder in the middle console, even further away from the window. Fortunately, the hanger was just long enough to reach them and I was finally able to hook the key ring and carefully pull them to the door. While all this was going on, I was thinking that it was sorta like a video game. It was all somehow not quite real. Maybe it should be a video game. Real Life 2K4: "Use the clothes hanger to help the moron get his keys."

Well it's little moments like these that make life more exciting... and make me wonder how many more years it'll be before I'm committed. Living alone, I think as long as I don't fall and break any bones or bother my family too much, I'll be safe :-)

"Tell me, did you fall for a shooting star, one without a permanent scar? And did you miss me while you were lookin' for yourself out there?"

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