Friday, May 14, 2004

Trouble in the Proj?

Millions (thousands...hundreds..ok, tens) sit in front of their pc's, waiting, clicking refresh over and over and over again. Just waiting. His mind racing, his heart pounding, he places his fingers over the correct keys on his dusty old qwerty keyboard, and begins to blog. That's what it's like to be me. That's the pressure I'm under. You have no idea what it's like. How'd you like to start your day with that?!

When I got home last night, there were two cop cars in the front parking lot, and about 7 or 8 people (cops included, I assume) standing out in the little courtyard area in front of the apartments. I was thinking (a)domestic dispute, (b) break-in, or (c) they were there to confiscate my computer. What? It was like an unexciting, small-town episode of Cops. This was at like 10:30. The lady across from me was sitting on her porch and I was like, "What happened?" Turns out someone across the street had been using water from the outside faucet of one of the apartments and the tenants had finally complained. That was all it was. I guess it's good it wasn't anything bad.

Went by to see Jessica for a couple of hours before she had to go to work last night. Then went and checked out the new billiards place. It was OK. The best part was the price, just $3 per person per hour. And our quality of play was well above average. The tables and cues were definitely well-used, but they had obviously re-covered the tables. However, the well-advertised Simonis cloth was not all it was cracked up to be. I don't think that was Simonis. It was a bit of a letdown. Kinda like thinking you have a date with Cindy Crawford, and when you show up, it turns out to be Cindy from The Brady Bunch.

K and I headed to Applebees after that. I had not been up there in a couple of weeks. Sat with Donna. I had wings and fries. Jessica #3 came up there and gave me a hug. I haven't seen her in a month or more probably. Derrick also walked in as we were about to leave. His food came out in like two minutes. I looked down there and yelled at him, "That's probably not a good sign."

Watched the 4th quarter of the LA/San Antonio game up there. What an unbelievable finish. Duncan's shot was just off da hizzle. I had a loud outburst when that went in and everyone was like, "What happened?" Then Fisher's shot was even more unbelievable, even though I do not think it is possible to catch the ball, turn around, and get off a shot in 0.4 seconds. LOL I was for the Spurs ;-) But what a great finish.

"Punch the clock, head for home, check the phone, just in case. Go to bed, dream of you. That's what I'm doin' these days..."


  1. Hey - what's wrong with Cindy from the Brady Bunch? Seriously. Or kind of. :-)

  2. LOL Well nothing I guess, although I haven't seen her lately. Why, is this Cindy? Do you read my blog? I would love to meet you. Do you know Marcia's number? What?

    It's just like, there was nothing wrong with the cloth, it just wasn't the highly regarded Simonis cloth of champions that I expected.

    Maybe comparing women and pool table cloth wasn't a real good analogy. LOL