Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Free Association

In the Top 100 Signs You're Bored, I think this is #32. Doesn't seem like a real manly thing to do, either. Hmmm. And yet I continue...

Unconscious Mutterings
(say, or type, the first thing that comes to mind)

  1. Sexy:: Sweet
  2. Clique:: Girls
  3. Pledge:: Allegiance
  4. Carbs:: diet
  5. Dream Job:: ESPN
  6. Sweeps:: Stakes
  7. Soundtrack:: Dirty Dancing
  8. Hero:: Greatest American
  9. Shave:: Close
  10. Christina:: Aguilera

"Now I know that what I have to do is get on with my life. But I can't fake another day. I can't face another night. So I just take another breath and let it go..."

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