Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Seinfeld, Reggie Miller, and Richard Dean Anderson

Sometimes I wonder if I'll just blog 'til I die... That's deep.

Don't you hate when you get those random IM's from Jen or Megan or some other chick with a webcam? And then you click on it and they ask for your credit card number. I hate that. Not gonna trick me with that one twice. What?

Just got finished watching the Sein on Leno. He did a little stand-up bit. That was pretty good. I think my favorite was the Jihad E. Coyote bit. Tried to watch some NBA tonight. I can thing of at least five other known boring activities I'd rather be doing than watching Indiana and Miami. Now the Kings and T'wolves are on. Is Bobby Jackson hurt? Must be. Rick Adelman has got to be one of the top three best playoff coaches of all-time. Oh, wait. Man, Reggie Miller and Vlade Divac have been playing for quite awhile. I'm reminded of an Elaine quote: "I didn't know Cheryl Miller's little brother played basketball."

Have you seen the Bounty commercial with the pool balls and the pitcher of water? What is the deal? A roll of paper towels, like eight billiard balls, and a half gallon pitcher of water -- didn't MacGyver fashion a crude howitzer out of those very materials in one episode? But I guess it's nice to know if I'm ever having to transport some pool balls over a short distance on a single paper towel during a downpour, that I'm OK.

The second WPBA tournament of the year was on ESPN2 last night, the one in San Diego. I was watching Allison play Dokovic. Man, Allison had a slightly different hairdo. It was really cute. She was lookin' all kinda hot up in there. In other news, I think it's about time for a beach trip, my friends. I kept putting it off last year and never made it down. The time is right. The nights are humid. So, let's plan it.

"Summers and winters scattered like splinters, and four or five years slipped away..."

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