Saturday, May 22, 2004

Sorry, I can't, I've got to update my blog

"I have to update my blog" is now the second most popular lame excuse for girls to give guys as to why they can't go out. It's right behind "I have to wash my hair", and closing fast.

Today's urban dictionary word of the day: baller
1. One who exhibits great proficiency and skill in the game of basketball.
2. One who possesses plenty of money, is popular with the ladies, and has nice wheels.

I have no idea where that came from. I am sittin' at work until 2:00 today. Yesterday was nice. I laid down for a nap around 3:30 and just decided to not set an alarm, just let my body wake up whenever it wanted. I ended up getting up around 6:15. Met Tag and Kyle at Logan's for dinner around 9:00. The place was packed out. The NAIA softball tournament is in town this weekend and it seemed like all the restaurants were kickin'. (note to self: do not bring the frozen burritos for lunch anymore) I had some slightly overcooked grilled chicken. They have lots of hot waitresses there and fortunately we managed to (not) talk to all of them last night.

There were these two guys that came in and sat across from us, and they had on black and white striped referee shirts. So, we spent a few minutes trying to figure out where there was a basketball or football game going on in the area. Then a couple of minutes later, out of the blue, Tag was like, "Oh, they work at Foot Locker." I lost it. It was funny, because he said it like the light bulb just went off in his head or something. The Shane-clone was there, so we showed him to Tag. I mean, if I hadn't seen Shane for five years, and didn't know better, and I walked into that place to eat and saw him, I'd just be like, "Hey Shane! Haven't seen you in years." They are identical twins. Seriouslah... Anyway, before we left, I ordered some food to go and took it by to Jessica at work.

I was thinking... if I manage to start calling games next year, and I'm still helping LMV film some events, I will have three part-time jobs. That will be cool. I guess. Maybe then I'll be a baller ;-) There is so much I'd like to do, but so often, I don't ever get started on any of it. I'd like to get started back golfing, find a softball team to play for, join the tennis league, go to open mike night at the comedy club, try to write something and get it published somewhere, go back to New York, go to Cincinnati this summer, etc.

Matt has been burning up my cell minutes asking me advice on picking out a pool table. He was going to Bham today to look at some. I think if I can invite myself over there a couple of times a week, in addition to the couple of times a week I already usually play, maybe I can improve a lot. Have a great weekend!

More funnies:
"Man, I could stare at those all night long."

"What are you doing?"
"Reading the Reds game online, and watching pro bowling on ESPN. Isn't that what every single guy does on a Friday night?"

"Our friends all ask about you. I say you're doing fine, and I expect to hear from you almost anytime. But they all know I'm crying, and I can't sleep at night. They all know I'm dying down deep inside..."


  1. Seems like this Jessica girl must be really special to you. She's a real lucky gal. I hope she knows that.

  2. Since someone else is wondering as Jessica the one that will be on the receiving end of this:
    "Sometimes I just feel like I'm ready for the whole thing again. I want it all. I'm talking unexpected pop-ins. Assumed dates every weekend night. Call just to say you miss each other. Wear clothes she buys for you. Spend so much time together you begin to sound alike, and think alike. Ask her permission to go to the game without her. One month anniversaries. Two month anniversaries. Less time with the guys. Six month anniversaries. Kiss her anytime I want. I love you the most. I want her to bug me. I want her to get on my nerves. I want to look into those eyes and know. No doubts. No fears. I want to love all her imperfections and all her quirks. I want to be the one she comes to when she's happy, when she's sad, when she's crying, when she's laughing, when she has good news, or bad news. Dinner with my parents. Vacation with her parents. Picking out sappy birthday cards. Holidays together. I want to roll my eyes when a love song comes on the radio and she turns up the volume, and act like I don't like it. That's what I want. Yeah." ?

  3. Wow, that is a loaded question right there. lol Obviously, I can't foresee the future, but things have been going pretty well thusfar. So yeah, that's very possible ;-)