Monday, May 24, 2004

Updating links... and my grocery list

I updated a few links. One chick's post began "I was a really big fan of the first two Matrix movies" and I was like, well that's all I need to know to know that I don't need to know anything more about her. At least she didn't like the third one. I'd rather watch a woman going thru 12 hours of all-natural childbirth, with no medication. What? Also, what's up, LA Namie? No blog for two weeks. You're friends here in Blogville are growing concerned.

Last night at Wal-Mart (running low on blog material, are we?), I purchased a 12 pack of Nestle bottled water, some saltine crackers, a 3 lb. bag of granny smith apples, 2 bananas, some Hawaiian punch, a can of pringles (why are you reading this?), half-gallon skim milk, 2 chicken pot pies, a half-loaf of Bunny bread (Bunny.. heh), a Jeno's pepperoni pizza, a Mexican TV dinner, a Healthy Choice meatloaf frozen dinner (yes, I'm reading from the receipt), some powdered donuts from the deli, and a box of Lucky Charms. Total w/tax... $24.68. Thanks for reading ;-)

"You would think this life would make me bolder, but I'm runnin' scared is all. I hang on everything about you. You would think I'd settle down cos I'm older, but I roll with the change is all..."

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