Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Just three miles from the rest stop...

Well, here's the nocturnal phantasm from last night...

It starts out like I am watching a music video, or maybe more like a vacation promo commercial. The Buddy Jewell song, "Sweet Southern Comfort," is playing, and there's this little kid and his dad walking along a wooded area by a river or creek or something. Well, there is a dog caught in the brush by the river, so the little boy reaches down to free the dog, except all of a sudden it's me reaching down to free the dog. Then, the river is gone and replaced by a clearing, with a parking lot and a welcome center or rest stop or something. So we walk over there, and there is a bicycle in the parking lot, which apparently belongs to Lance Armstrong. So the little boy turns Lance in for biking outside of the boundary where he is apparently supposed to be biking. They fine Lance $1,000, and the little boy gets $500 of it as a reward. (What the crap?) So then I walk into the rest stop or whatever it is and Lance comes out of a hall and waves to us. The next thing I know it's me, Kyle and his mom (that sounds about right), and some girl. I'm not sure who it was. It seemed like a girl I knew, or maybe a combination of girls I know. Anyway, she is sitting in a chair and is starting to feel a little sick. So Kyle remarks that she probably has "ty." So I'm thinking, typhoid? And I'm like, "What?" He says, "You remember when you had it, you knew you were going to get the flu." So I said, "Oh yeah." Well, Kyle's mom is urging her to take some medicine. So not wanting to get sick, I pop a 1000 mg Vitamin C, and offer one to her. She chews it, instead of just swallowing, and it is yucky. Then I walk outside, thinking I've already caught what she has, but hoping I haven't. Then I woke up.


"Just three miles from the rest stop, and she slams on the brakes. She says I've tried to be, but I'm not, so could you please collect your things. I don't wanna be cold. I don't wanna be cruel, but I gotta find more than what's happenin' with you, and if you would open up the door..."

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