Thursday, May 06, 2004

Year 2, Day 2 of the Great Blogging Experiment

If you have a strange affinity for O'Henry candy bars, this blog's for you...

Gas prices at the Shell station I go to over the past week:
Friday - $1.73
Monday - $1.75
Wednesday - $1.79
Today - $1.85

These are some good times we're living in, my friends. Or something. What's the nicest thing you can give Mom for Mother's Day? How about a full tank of unleaded? It's probably the most expensive gift she'll get anyway.

Wow, ESPN2 pulled a quick one on me last night. I was blindsided. They put the billiards tournament we went to on TV last night, unexpectedly. It was like I was in the public shower, leaned over to pick up the soap, and BAM, the Deuce snuck up behind me. (OK, so it's not really like that at all.) Anyway, I can tell you now where to look if you want to catch a glimpse of the Nibbler. When the camera is at the foot of the table, looking towards the head of the table, I am to the right, just above the word "Sams" in the Sams Town logo on the arena. I am wearing a black shirt, and in the second row. If you know your players, you can look between Eva Laurence and the guy in the black sitting next to her, and I am behind and right between them. lol There is a quick pan shot of the crowd after Allison makes a combination shot to go up 3 games to 1, and I am standing up clapping right before the camera cuts away. I assume the matches will still be on Saturday, at Noon, 1 PM, and 2 PM.

Guess I will watch the Friends finale tonight, even though I have only probably watched 3 or 4 new episodes over the past two years. Much like that pesky friend who won't ever leave your house, it has probably stayed around too long. But really, this is sort of the end of Must See TV as we know it. I mean, think about the Thursday night shows over the past 20 years... Cosby, Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends. Now what? Is this the death of the sitcom? Friends is not my favorite show by any means, but it's sort of sad because it kinda signals the end of an era, I think.

Maybe I'll try to start that Top 20 Seinfeld episodes countdown this weekend. Don't hold me to it, though ;-) You know, I didn't get as many hits from Entifadah Qanbar as you would think.

Daily funny:
"You should start your own fanclub."
"Uh, I think someone has to start one for you. That's kinda like giving yourself a nickname. And I would never do that."

"You know I'd fight for you, but how can I fight someone who isn't even there? I've had the rest of you, now I want the best of you. I don't care if it's not fair. Cos I want it all, or nothing at all..."

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