Thursday, May 20, 2004

In The News #17

Haven't done this in awhile...

J-Mo alerted me to this first story yesterday...

Doctors Discover Why Couple Can't Have Kids

Love this quote: "...(they) were simply unaware... of the physical requirements necessary to procreate." Hmm.. sound like anyone you know? LOL

Air Guitar Sells For $5.50 On Ebay

"The highest bidder was also given a certified letter of authenticity and a partially-used nudie magazine." Mmhmm. Now we know what the $5.50 was for.

Ice T To Produce Hasselhoff Rap Album

Yes, THAT Hasselhoff. Let's see... Here come another man, like no other man, hope they seen me on Baywatch runnin' in the sand.

"I hold it up and show my buddies, like we ain't scared and our boots ain't muddy. But no one laughs, cos there ain't nothing funny when a soldier cries. And i just wipe my eyes..."


  1. Man that first story is whack. Where do people come up with that kind of stuff?

  2. ROFL Yes. I dunno. Sometimes I feel like some of my friends are in that same boat.