Sunday, May 30, 2004

Cops: Part 2 (What took you so long?)

Where to begin? Well, Friday night, I was talking to Jess, who was at work. She had to let me go because she was being paged, and said she'd call me back. Well, within five minutes, I was snoozing on the couch and had left my cell phone in the bathroom. A couple of times during the night, I heard my cell phone ringing, and was wondering why anyone would be calling me at that time of the night, but I was much too tired to get up and try to locate my phone.

Then sometime after 3:00 AM, I hear someone knocking on my windows. I might have thought it was Jessica, but then I noticed they were banging on different windows, one right after another. I was still groggy, but I was thinking, "How are they getting from one window to another so quickly? They must be knocking and running really, really fast." Plus, I thought I heard male voices outside as well. Once I regain consciousness, I hear my phone once again, so I decide to find it and answer it. It was Jessica. She was like, "Come to the door." I'm like, what the crap? So I put on some shorts and go to the front door. I can see thru the big front window that there are bright lights outside. It is right about this time that I am just about to freak out. So I open the door and see Jessica and two police officers, and the whole complex is lit up like a power plant. You have to remember that I have been asleep this entire time and did not know anything was going on. There are a million thoughts that run thru your mind when the cops are banging on your door at 4 AM, and none of them are very good. (Naturally, I'm thinking, "What took you so long?")

I was just about to put my hands out to be handcuffed, when she is like, "Why haven't you been answering your phone? I thought something had happened to you." As it turns out, when she tried to call me back earlier in the night, some guy answered and was like, "He's not available." Apparently, the "rines had gotten crossed." (Did you just say the rines were crossed?) So she got all worried. On subsequent calls, it was showing up like my number had been disconnected. So anyway, she was concerned, thinking maybe I had been abducted (if only) or fallen and broken my hip. Meanwhile, the cops woke up several neighbors, and had their lights on and were beating on my doors and windows with their night sticks. The neighbors were saying "Well, he doesn't say too much", "He's kinda quiet", and stuff like that. (Things they always say about psycho killers.) I figure I'll probably be evicted sometime this week.

Oh well, it's been fun living here. I guess I'll have to break down and finally get that medic alert bracelet to avoid such incidents in the future. Well, at least I'll have a story to tell my grandkids... or, someone else's grandkids. And it's little events like this that keep life interesting. In retrospect, I guess in the same situation, I would have been concerned as well. On the bright side, it is kinda nice to have someone who cares/worries about you ;-) And I'm just glad the cops weren't there to arrest me for anything. Plus, it made for some great conversation at dinner last night with her family.

"I wish I didn't feel so strong about you, like happiness and love revolve around you. Trying to catch your heart is like trying to catch a star. So many people love you, baby. That must be what you are..."


  1. Wow! This girl sure has brought the excitement back into your life. Hasn't she?

  2. Yes, it was interesting, to say the least. The cops were like, "Well, we're gone" and I was thinking, you may want to stay around, because I think we're about to have a domestic dispute. lol