Wednesday, October 06, 2004

You always knew I needed therapy

Well, I wore the Cactus Club tshirt into Applebees tonight so Donna could see it. Then after we shared a laugh, I immediately went out to my truck and changed shirts. Speaking of, I had some fans come by work today wanting to take a picture of me. lol Easy now, that's a quick way to mess up a perfectly good camera.

Physical therapy
Went to the orthopedist this afternoon. If everything goes well, that will be my last appointment with him. He said things were improving slowly and that my ankle was a lot more stable. He is sending me on to physical therapy now. My first appointment there is Monday.

Festivus In October
On a related note, Blue Cross covered little, if any, of the ER part of my bills, so I have decided to celebrate Festivus this year, rather than the traditional Christmas. Rather than buying gifts for you all, we will have the airing of grievances and the feats of strength as we gather around the Festivus pole ;-)

Lana Horne
A lady next to me in the waiting room was doing a crossword puzzle (I was being nosy). It was one of those hot single mother types that Kyle is so fond of. For ---- Horne, she had put Lana. (Lena's little known sister, no doubt.) In turn, that had screwed up her down clue, which was Yale ---. (Supposed to be Eli, but she had Ali.) "Here come the mightly Ali of Yale." See, the crossword puzzle is a funny thing. It really doesn't take very long to fill one out if you don't actually worry about putting the right letters in the blanks.

Just write a check, Mom
Remember when you were little, and you thought that your parents could just write a check for anything, for any amount? (Or maybe that was just me.) I remember whenever I'd want something and Mom or Dad would say they couldn't afford it, I would tell them to just write a check. Not understanding, of course, the principle of having to actually have money in the bank to cover the check. Then again, it seems some people never quite grasp that principle, even after they're grown.

"It was cool as a breeze. It was warm to the touch. It was never enough. It was always too much. It did all the things love does. That's how I knew it was..."

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