Sunday, October 10, 2004

All over the place

This should be rather random... Let me start by saying that I, like many of you, am disappointed. After watching part of the debate Friday night, it is obvious that the government has been hiding other internets from us. We should all be outraged. (Now, see, if Al Gore had been up there, he could have said, "Mister President, there is only one internet. I should know. I invented it.") SNL had a ball with that last night, as you might imagine.

Weekend recap
Sorry I haven't posted in like 50+ hours. It's been another weekend on the go. Had to be up bright and early yesterday to take my truck in to have the brakes fixed. Picked it up around 11:15. Mom and my sister had teamed up to cook lunch, so I headed over there to eat and watch the Bama game. We won, at last, 45-17. That was much needed. Last night, Jess and I went to eat at Chili's. We were going to Olive Garden, but weren't going to get seated until like November. Went by Best Buy to look at their PC's and walked around Barnes & Noble a little while. (Cartman voice): "Oh, that sounds sooooo exciting Mrs. Broflowski." Watched Mad TV's 200th show. Got to see Steph ;-)

Oh, there was like a 40-year-old man playing on an Xbox in Best Buy last night. They have like 6 or 8 of these things set up, and all these kids were playing on them, except for this one. Dude, it's Saturday night at 8:30. At least just buy and Xbox and play it at home.

Snoozing underwater?
I overslept a couple of mornings this week :-( See, what happened was... I always fix a glass of ice water and keep by my bed at night. Well, the other morning, when I was attempting to hit snooze (is that how you spell that?) I accidentally knocked over my cup of water, which was nearly full. It went all over my little bedside table, which contained by wallet, watch, keys, cell phone, remote control, alarm clock, etc. Well, everything seemed to be OK, but when I looked at my radio alarm clock, the hours were just counting up on their own... 6-7-8-9-10-11... I wasn't even touching it. I finally got that to stop. But now, it doesn't matter if you have the switch to on, off, radio, or alarm, the radio plays. I've unplugged it and tried everything. So I'm gonna have to get a new clock. Aren't you glad I shared that?

Reason #76...
...that I'm never having kids. These people around here leave their kids outside from 5:30 AM until 10 PM, mostly unsupervised. I live in a 10 unit courtyard style complex, with walls as thin as a leaf of cabbage. Screaming, yelling, banging, all day long. I love it. (Of course, that's not the main reason, but I digress.)

The WPBA's Canadian Classic is going on this weekend. Looks like Allison and Bob Corr played in the winner's bracket finals. Allison had a couple of tough matches early on, beating newcomer Kelli Fisher 9-8 and Ga Young Kim 9-8. Wow. The competition is getting tougher. The first semifinal will be Julie Kelly (whose twin sister happens to work at The Brick) and Hsin Huang, with Karen and Allison awaiting after that. Come on, Allison!

They really said it
"Another Cornelius?" (similar to "another bobka?" on Seinfeld.)

"Is this what the man's supposed to do or what the woman does to the man?"

"They have español Scrabble!! Look, they have the double L's.. the double R's! They have the N with the tilde!!!"

"I wish Opryland was still here."

OK, I am heading up to Nashville this afternoon. Hopefully, no ambiguous revolving door moments will occur today ;-)

"Don't you remember the fizz in a Pepper, peanuts in a bottle, at ten, two, and four? A fried bologna sandwich with mayo and tomato, sittin' round the table don't happen much anymore..."

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