Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Blogging by Candlelight

If you know the clapping parts in Huey Lewis & The News' "Heart & Soul", AND you clap along to it, then my friend, this blog is for you...

A first time for everything
Wow! I was treated to a candlelight dinner for two last night. No special occasion or anything. Just out of the blue. That was pretty sweet. Maybe girls aren't so bad after all. lol The scary thing is, I really didn't even miss Monday Night Football. (Of course it was the Chiefs and Ravens...)

We are now accepting all incoming calls
Well, if I am right, my cell minutes reset yesterday. (If I am wrong, I'm going to owe several Halliburton shares-worth of money to Cingular.) So, for those of you who have been holding back, dial away. One of the guys from the softball team called today. He said after I got hurt, later in the year, another guy on the team had torn his calf muscle. Ouch!

Da Pip
Scottie Pippen Expected To Announce Retirement

"Next stop for Pippen... will be the Basketball Hall of Fame."
Hmm, what do you think about that? Is Pippen a lock for the Hall? His strongest claims would be the 7-time All-Star and being the #2 man on a team that won six titles. Yeah, I guess he's probably in. Either way, this is just another reminder of the dynasty that was Da Bulls. Michael Jordan and the Bulls transcended so many boundaries. Entire families would gather around the TV to watch Bulls games. I knew many people who weren't otherwise interested in basketball, people who sometimes weren't interested in sports at all, who would hardly miss a Bulls game. I dare say Pippen and Jordan complimented each other better than any other duo in NBA history. So it's over. I know that. It's been over. This is just another reminder.

I'm embarrassed to say, but I never knew Jamie Lee Curtis was Janet Leigh's daughter! How could that piece of information manage to avoid my brain all these years? Psycho is one of the best horror movies ever, regardless of when it was made, in my opinion.

"Could you sympathize with my needs? I know you think I need a lot. Started out clean, but I'm jaded. Just phoning it in, just breaking the skin..."

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