Monday, October 11, 2004

Nocturnal Phantasm #1004A

Welcome to my subconscious...

Last night I dreamed that I came home and I could tell someone had been there. A couple of cabinets were open and there were a couple of other things that just weren't like I left them. Well, I searched every room, but could not find anyone. So finally, I remembered the attic. I did a Charlie's-Angels-movie leap and burst into the attic. Ahhh haaa!! There was the perpetrator, hiding in the attic. Well in this dream, the attic had two exits, when in reality it only has one. He tried escaping thru the other exit, but I apprehended him and called 9-1-1. The dispatcher answered and I told her to send someone to my address. But before I could tell her what happened, the man had turned into a housefly and flew back into the attic. Crap! Stupid cosmopolitan dipterans. I tried to explain this to her, and she said just to call back when he turned back into a man, because they couldn't arrest a fly.

Well finally after flying around a bit and at one point becoming stuck between the blinds and the window, he turned back into a man. So they sent two cops out and I was waiting for them at the front door. Well, before they even got all the way up to the door, they saw the man and said there was nothing they could do, just to let him go. What?!!? Turns out he was the dispatcher's boyfriend and they wouldn't arrest him. Argh! That's all I remember. Weird, huh?

"There were nights so long, I thought the sun burned out. There were girls so wrong, I don't wanna talk about..."

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