Thursday, October 14, 2004

Times, they are a-changin'

OK, today we start a new feature on IYROOBTY, Seinfeld trivia!! (applause.... applause dies.. or never starts.. whichever) Each day, I will (try to) post a Seinfeld trivia question. You can comment with the answer, or just answer to yourself. Then I will give you the answer the following day (or the next day that I post), and ask another question. Sound fun? Just wait. You have no idea.

Today's Seinfeld trivia question
What singer did Newman say he'd booked in 1978 for his milennium party?

Boy, these medical bills are really starting to cut into my Russian bride fund. Seriously. I'm not even trying to be funny here.

Thank you, Fox!
Fox showed the baseball playoffs last night during the 3rd Prez Debate, so there was something else I could watch. Not that there aren't a hundred other channels anyway. What, am I living in the seventies with only four UHF channels and rabbit ears with tin foil wrapped around them, on top of a black and white Zenith TV, on which the channel knob is broke, so that I have to turn it with a pair of pliers.... uh... for example.

Just answer the question, FCOL!
I did see a few answers from the debate. Still no one talking much about gas prices and no mention of any kind of No-Blogger Left Behind plan. That's what we in the internet heartland all want to see. I found this description of Bush to be quite humorous, and upon further review, eerily accurate (from Trout Fishing In South-Central Wisconsin):

"...a petulant child-man with the demeanor of a guy who was supposed to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune but somehow wandered onto the Jeopardy! set instead and is trying unsuccessfully to pretend that he's not on the wrong show."

From MSNBC, Keith Olberman scores the debate like a 21-round heavyweight fight. (link snagged from Giggle Chick).

Jon Stewart To Replace Letterman...
OK, not really. But let me be the first to suggest Jon Stewart as Dave's replacement somewhere down the road. The guy is hilarious. He'd kick Conan's tail all the way back to Nova Scotia. I'm not saying Letterman needs to go anytime soon, but Dave is what, 57? Stewart is in his early 40's and he is "on" every single time I watch him. I mean, who else you gonna get? Kilborn quit. Regis is 140 years old.

We watched a few minutes of his show last night. He was quoting some official talking about the Iraq elections, who said, "There is a good chance that several of the polling stations will be shot at." Stewart said, "To provide incentive, voters who are shot will receive a free 'I Voted' head wound dressing." That's good stuff.

I hurt my ankle, so why are you rubbing me there??
I have my second session of therapy this afternoon. I still can't run. Yesterday, I started trying to lightly jog. Nuh uh! Not happenin'. Mucho pain. So I guess that could take a while yet. I am so thankful just to be walking fairly normally again. I think it's neat how such a small, seemingly insignificant ligament is so important.

"Remember yesterday, walking hand in hand, love letters in the sand? I remember you. Thru all the sleepless nights. Thru every every endless day. I'd wanna hear you say, I remember you..."


  1. I believe the answer to your trivia question is Christopher Cross. Have a great day!


  2. Hooooold on. How did you know that? You must've done an online search. lol