Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Monday Madness on Tuesday

Well, I was browsing thru some memes and came across Monday Madness. I decided to do an old one, from a couple of weeks ago. Maybe from now on, I can actually do it on Mondays. Or more likely, I'll completely forget about it.

Name 3 things....

1....your ideal salad has on it.
Hmm, cucumbers, bacon bits, and cheeeeeeeese!
2....you do religiously in the morning.
Um, shower, take Vitamin C, brush teeth.
3....you look forward to doing in your spare time.
Sleeping, watching Seinfeld, and ummm, shoot pool.
4....you've never done before, but think you will at some point in your life.
Ask a girl for her phone number. What? Um, get married (surely), fly, and take the Kramer Reality Tour.
5....you love to do while on vacation.
Sit on the beach at night, get a snack out of the vending machine at the hotel, and... I guess, sleep late.
6....you took pictures of in the last month.
The last three things I remember taking pictures of are my new ultra-bright alarm clock, screen shots of Nintendo games, and my Cactus Club t-shirt.
7....you have to do before the end of the day.
Pray, blog, and have a Sun Drop.
8....you like about your best friend.
OK, that's kinda gay.

"A woman loves beyond her questions, and dreams beyond her doubts. Her heart will lead and she will follow, even when there's no way out. Her eyes refuse to see the danger, as she walks right thru the fire. A man may give himself to passion and desire, but a woman loves..."

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