Monday, October 18, 2004

Sorry, I know it's been awhile

Seinfeld trivia
Who's phone number does Kramer leave in the suit he sells to Bania?

Friday's answer: "The Net"
Frank tells George he saw "The Net" on cable TV, prompting him to start selling computers out of his garage. He hires George and Lloyd Braun, calling George his "secret weapon." (Congratulations to no one, who emailed in that correct answer.)

Come on, Yankees...
Urgh, just finished watching the Yankees/Red Sox. What is the deal with these games? The last three have all lasted 4-5 hours. Does Fox need ratings that bad? (<--- rhetorical question)

Have I ever told you how I feel about Joe Buck and Tim McCarver? Well, I'm about to. Listening to Joe Buck is like listening to the most boring professor you ever had in college, lecturing non-stop in a monotone voice from the time class starts until it ends, except in this case, you can't get up and walk out of class. The only thing that could possibly be worse is Tim McCarver's uncolorful, non-insightful commentary. It's like he's explaining baseball to some 12-year-old Liberian immigrant who has never even heard of the game. I equate it to being locked in a room with a hundred screaming kids who are all scraping their fingernails across a chalkboard. It makes me want to carve the MLB emblem into my abdomen with a large, jagged cleaver. On a positive note, I do enjoy Al Leiter being in the booth. (Wasn't he a rated rookie?) Although he doesn't speak nearly enough.

Went to the Bama game Saturday. We got a nice 27-3 homecoming win over Southern Mississippi. They were undefeated coming in and ranked 24th. Even though they were probably a bit overrated, we'll take it. We're 5-2 now, with a HUGE game this week at Tennessee. Oh man, I'm already getting nervous.

You're asking ME?
Went to therapy this afternoon. When we got done, the therapist was like, "So do you feel like you need to come back anymore?" Uh... So anyway, no more therapy for me, as long as things continue to progress. I just have to do my exercises at home now. She said it would probably be months before I could run. Wow, I had no idea all this would take such a long time. But she did say she thought I was doing very well, considering the injury I had, so I guess that's good.

OK, Houston just beat St. Louis 3-0. Their game started at 7:30. The Yankees started at 4, and they ended about 20 minutes apart. lol Wow.

Random funny:
"My birthday is on Saturday next year, which means Christmas will be on Saturday this year."
"Do you know what day Thanksgiving will be on?"
"Umm, I'm guessing a Thursday."

"Back when a hoe was a hoe, coke was a Coke, and crack's what you were doin' when you were crackin' jokes..."


  1. Is the answer to the Seinfeld Trivia question Uma Thurman?

  2. OMG - you've got to be kidding about Joe Buck!
    If you're not kidding then you should have been listening to the idiots doing the Cards/Astros games. I wanted Joe Buck to be doing commentary so bad! The guys commenting during the Cards/Astros have been so incredibly boring, stupid, and uninspired - it's awful!!!

    I want Joe Buck back!!!

  3. No, I have only flipped over there a couple of times. Who is doing the Astros/Cardinals?

    Maybe JB wouldn't be so bad if McCarver weren't with him all the time. I prefer ESPN's Sunday night team of Miller and Morgan, by far.

  4. You can keep McCarver - we don't like him. But Joe Buck we'll take back.

    I don't know if they were the same announcers as a few games ago (and were so horrible) but last night they were Brennanman, Brenly, and Lyons.

    I'm so excited that the Cardinals are headed to the World Series and am excited that maybe now, we'll have Joe Buck doing the game announcements!