Thursday, October 28, 2004

86 Years, Down The Drain

Seinfeld Trivia
When George is lying to the Rosses about having a house in the Hamptons, what are the names of the two horses he makes up?

Monday's answer was "Alive."

Signs You're At A Lame Halloween Party
(From Letterman the other night...)
- All the decorations say Happy Hannukah.
- Well, for starters, it's April.
- "Bobbing for apples" inadvertently becomes "bobbing for the fat kid's retainer."
- When a guy dressed as the grim reaper leaves, you notice your grandparents are missing.
- Your wife's been upstairs with the guy in the Bill O'Reilly costume for two hours.

You call THAT a World Series?
Well, the anti-climatic Series is over. All that history of failures. All the memories. The heartbreaks. The close calls. Down the drain. And now somewhere several million Cubs fans are muttering, "Told you our curse was worse." I don't know what happened to the Cardinals. They folded like a frightened Texas hold-em player with a 3 and an 8. Like 25 pieces of origami. I mean, the Red Sox played great, obviously, but come on. The Yankees/Sox series was like the US/Soviet 1980 Olympic hockey game, and this World Series was like the gold medal game that year that no one remembers, when the US beat Finland.

My friend, Jeno
"Is that delivery?" "No, it's Jeno." You'll never have to worry about such silly questions when you purchase a quality Jeno's pizza. And at 99 cents, it's quite a bargain. Anyways, that's what I had for supper last night. I know, you're hungry now, right?

I hope everyone got to see the lunar eclipse last evening. Hmm, a lunar eclipse, the Red Sox win the World Series... what's going on here? Next thing you know, I'll be getting married.

Sein Language
This was an interesting topic that came up on Seinology the other day. What words or phrases from Seinfeld do you use in everyday life? I'm sure most of us have used the cliched "not that there's anything wrong with that" or "no soup for you" occasionally. A couple I can think of that my friends and I use are:
"Oh nooooo. I'm sorry. The correct answer is Moops."
"You've screwed me again, Pennypacker."
"How long have I been asleep? What year is this?"
"Serenity now!!"

Laa da da daaa
As many of you know, the tune to "Carol of the Bells" has been permanently stuck in my head for the past year or more. I don't know why, but year round, I can be heard randomly humming this tune. As disturbing as that is, that's another bloglet... or a topic for another therapy session. Anyway, here's a quote from the other night:
"It's almost that time of the year, when I can sing Carol of the Bells, and no one will look at me funny."
"Well, they'll still look at you funny, but at least it'll be the right season."

"And though the boy knew the truth, sometimes he'd still believe that lie..."


  1. i love your blog, it's the best!!!!

  2. I believe the horses names were Snoopy and Prickly Pete.

  3. You are correct. Snoopy and Prickly Pete :-)

  4. I love your Seinfeld Trivia!