Sunday, July 11, 2004

Stop reading my blog, Bob Ley

I was watching Sportcenter today, and they were reading some of the media reaction to the possible/probable Shaq trade to the Heat. Bob Ley was like, "You'd think it was DEFCON 5." What the crap?! It's DEFCON 1, moron! If you don't understand the DEFCON system, please do not attempt to make humorous DEFCON analogies, especially on a hugely popular nationally televised sports program. I have little doubt Bob got the idea for the DEFCON analogies from my blog. (See DEFCON-1 and My baby takes the morning train.)

OK, I just had to get that off my chest. Well, last night was busy, but a lot of fun. I headed out around 4:30. Met up with Kyle and we headed over to the VBC for the Vipers game. Enjoyed some free food in the hospitality room. It was armed forces night or something, so there were lots of soldiers there. It was neat, because they were like in this one section and kept leading the cheers and getting all rowdy and stuff. Made me realize what a treat going to a football game was for them, and how much I take stuff like that for granted. Shane showed up just before halftime to take some pics. Of course, with the army on our side, the Vipers won 48-41, scoring the winning TD with 3 seconds remaining. I'm not exactly sure where Quad City is from, but that's who they played. Ran into Kelly up there. She was reaming us about leaving her hanging a few weeks ago when we were in Memphis. We successfully blamed the whole thing on Shane. What does he care, he's already married. And it was his fault, mostly.

Despite my protests, we went to Applebees after the game. Sat with Tonya. The food was bad. Mine came out all wrong. Donna saved the night by making me an oreo shake, but otherwise, it was pretty crappy. I cracked Tonya up by making a Dr. Thunder reference. She was telling Shane, "We have Mister Pibb." And I was like, "Mister Pibb is good. It's no Doctor Thunder though." For those who aren't familiar, Dr. Thunder is like the generic off-brand Dr. Pepper. It's like 8 cents a can or something. Can't beat that.

"So we tell ourselves, that what we found is what we meant to find. That's what we tell ourselves. You won't believe the things a heart could tell a mind..."

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